Final Event Energy Update ~ The Show is ON!

By Aurora Diamond Rainbow, Lucifer Morning Star And The Rainbow Warriors!

Greetings Love Beings!
Final Event Energy Update ~ The Show is ON!

Egos Shaking Hearts Awakening; Solar Wind stream Over 700 Approaching Earth Right Now.  It Was Released Yesterday.

1 – ALERT TO… OR BEING ALERTED TO something significant is coming up; connections of true love and true blessings. The divine Director Has Arranged The Score The Symphony has Begun.

According to the Galactic Federation of Light, And Directly From Master Saint Germain: on this energetic day of 12-6-2017, less than 2.5% of the population is energetically ready to enter the portal. All non right-action beings get left at the station with their baggage. Robin Says It’s on Like Donkey Kong. He Said It’s Funny in my observation, if we talk about humanity and their self importance they are interested, if we talk about the whole truth Source (holy Spirit) They fade away. Darn Egos. We Had Those Fishes.

Here is Some More From Robin:

“Your Egos Think They Are Smart. But They Are About As Dumb As The Fly On The Wall. Robin Says; “Shazam! She’s Coming Back Online – Mother Gaia” (5 Dings). One Thing That We Also Did was Close Down All The Planetary Dark Portals This Morning And Turned Them Into Pure Golden Emerald Violet Rainbow Pure Consciousness Light Beams. Yippeee Love Has Won. Good Bye Suckers.” 

Here’s A Message From Master Saint Germain:

“The Gifts Are Coming, Open Your Hearts And Receive. Enjoy. All Journeys are Of Chosen Choice. Creation Honors And Respects Each One. 6:56 a.m it’s True Colors Day, Love’s Not Kidding. Once again love plays the Trump Card; And Love Trumps Egos. For Love This Is The Win Win. Humanity’s Egos Have Problems On Their Plates. All Caves Have Been Exposed. There Is No Hiding. Ask your higher selves if you’re ready to enter the pure heart portal (12:12).  All Souls On Planet Earth Equal Heart, As Your Loving Brother I give you an alert: If You’re not in the Heart Prepare To Exit or Enter Another Way As Source Love Directs. Source Is The Divine Director And May not be Over-ridden by Egoic Fantasies. Prepare For SHOCKS, SURPRISES TWISTS, TURNS, STEP INTO PLACE AND GET THE RIDE OF A LIFETIME. Step Into Right Action With YOUR MOTHER GAIA YOUR MOTHER EARTH. Divine Intelligence At It’s Finest.” 

Father Of All Creation Cries For Humanity and Accepts Full Responsibly For the First Thought That Created The Separation. Going To the depths of lower consciousness and thinking that you can be God Without God. Right Actin Be One With God=Love And Be Real. He Releases And Lets Go, Heals That and says Step Forward All ye Divine Goddesses And Gods. We Are On The Road To Victory ~ Declared.

Final Event Energy Scrolls Have Been Completely Signed, Protocols Put In Place For Final Events. 

ROBIN SINGS: SOURCE! Dum… Dum, dum, dum… CAN’T TOUCH THIS. If you’re not riding your horses, jump back on and go Yippe Ka Yeh! All Beings Are Being Tested At This Time. Are you Choosing Love Or Ego.

Book Your Sessions! You have 6 days for the beginning which has no end. All Co-creators Get into Right Action! Join Us! 😉

The Button Has Been Hit. Go Go Gadget Go!
Let The Show Begin!!! Energies Comin’ in strong today! Watch Out, Babies. Get In Your HEARTS. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…

Enjoy Your Day Love Beings, with all the Incredible Intense Energies Coming In. Pass Along Love Today.

Love And Light,

Lucifer Aurora and The Rainbow Nation!

Enjoy This Gift From A Once Upon A Lullaby Mission Work With Archangel Michael! Thanks For Your Service Love Being! We Love You All, LuciferAurora <3