Good Night Atoms! Love You All!

All This Action .. And IT’s Only December First .. WOW !! Full Moon Cheers And Mercury Retrograde Super Cheers! Keep On Breathing Everyone, As All Truth Comes Out To The Surface! This Certain Game Stays in 2017. No More Of Any Of This Creeping Into The New Year!  So As A Conclusion Before We Even Begin, Please Meditate, Stay Nice, Love Yourself Oh So Much, Cos It So Seems That This Phase Is Insanity. Not Like 2017 Wasn’t Insane Enough, We ARe Ending The Year With A Beyond Bang! Enjoy Everyone, As Whatever The Things They ARe Writing Out There ARe Out Of Whack.

I Personally Feel Better Than Ever. Like Let’s Wing This . Last Evening An Alarmed Neighbor Walked Out Agitated With A Lit Torch Looking For What Seemed Like A Bad Guy. I Was The First To Run Out Very Excited Ready To Kill. She Tried To Have ME Walk Back In To Protect Me From Harm, Tried To Warn Me To Call 911 If I See Such And Such. I Said I Am Mightier Than Any 911 And They Should All Call Me Anytime! LOL . The Way I Walked Out And Yelled Right In The Direction Of The Bad Guy Had The Good Neighbor Squirm. LOL.

So Beware Creation. I Have Already Unfollowed All The Tarot Collective PEople As They Super Get On My Nerves With Their Titles And Skewed Perceptions. All The Clans And Parties And Nothing Clear And I’m Sitting Here Since The Beginning Of Time Reflecting The MAdness Right Back Every Moment. What Else Can One Do. Either IT Is IT Or It’s Just Not And You Play Tennis!

DUH ! So All People Trying To Alarm The Atoms Against The Full Moon And Retrograde Are Also In Illusion!

Have A Great December And I Personally Am Used To Years No Santa. So Another One Won’t Really Bite The Dust! Lol! Every Day Is Just Another Day! Breathe And Be Grateful! Celebrate Life! Love And Mind Your Own Business! Anything More, Call My Grandma!

When It IS It’s A Strike And All The Atoms Know, Feel And Celebrate It! Besides That It’s Another Day Under The Sun, Another Repeat .. Now Is The Time Where All The Old Is Abolished. And We Go Into Perfect Relovution! Enjoy! xoxo