6//6:10 ~ WoopsyDaisy! TheSecret’sOut!

Yippppeeee! Greetings Love Beings!
An Angel On My Journey Just Pressed The right Button To Hear The Secret …

She Mentioned Flabbergastingly How Insanely Crazy I Have Been Attracting Narcs . One After The Other . She Asked If I Have Any Crystal Knowledge And Found Out I Sleep With Them In Bed .. LOL ~

So Duh . Of Course I Give My Power Away. Freely. And Consciously .


Simple : All The Men On Earth Are Assholes. And That’s An Undeniable FACT. I Have Observed Them At The Root Since The Beginning Of Time. Since They Blamed Original Sin On Me, When It Was Them. Since They Put The Apple On Me, When It Was Them. And Since They Appropriated The Crucifixion, When It Was Me!

So This Lifetime, I Decided To Play! Of Course My Game Hurts Me Too. But I’m Better Off Killin’ Em All First. Meaning Eradicating Ego!

DUH! I’ve Looked Into Each Of Youze Eyes. I KNOW YOUR SHTICK> YA CAN’t FOOL ME! So I Play Dumb Play Bunny Moment To Moment, Give My Full Power Away On Golden Platters Incrusted With Diamonds. On Purpose!

Just To Watch Until When Their Retard Annunaki Brain Is Going To Keep Their Mind In Taker Wrong Action.

And I Will Do This Until The End. Why? Because The End Is The Beginning!

Because In The End, The Greatest Asshole OF All Will Turn Out To Be The Greatest Lover Ever! BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!

TADA!!! And Lucky For Me, There Remains One Being In Creation, Whose DEFFO A HUGE DEVIL , DUH, Whose Eyes Still haven’t Met Mine .. The Others Are Hands Down Some Of The Worst Gangsters Out There. Mind You, I Never Mess With The Okay Ones, They Can Play At Their Level And Get Some Happy Girl Preggo …

I’m Out Here Doing My Thing … ERADICATING ASSHOLES FOREVER . It’s My Own Game. Love IS. That Ain’t A Game. We’re Square On That By Now …

Arright! Happy Saturday, Cheers, Bars And Lunatics Out There Drink Up And Fok Around While You’re Still At IT!

I Can’t Stop And I Won’t Stop . That’s How I Takem Down. Give IT All. Be Sweet Sugah Huni Pie. See How Far It Goes.

And Each Time, The Asshole In Them Wins. So Honestly Can’t Wait Till One Day… A Lover Takes The Cake …

Why I Stay . I Know It’s Coming!