I Met This Group Of Beings Via A Facebook Banner That Kept Popping Up In My Face.

It Was 2015. Right After A Tour Of The Middle East With A Highly Connected Individual Whose Cousin Is All Alien. I Got My First Arcturian Transmission Around Feb Of 2015. Then I Receive The Pi Method From The Bali Volcano Activators That Got Me Right Back To God-Head Hilton-World.

I Am And Was Loved. Cherished. Well Respected And Impeccably Cared For By My Light Family. Who Are In No Way Sense Or Form Trespassers; I Had My Own Bed In The Same Room As My Former Husband And We Had Decided To Remain Platonic And See Where Our Spiritual Venture As Well As Art Could Lead.

The Moment I Met The Online Fake God-Head, And Got The Unified Field Stamp Signature All Over Me, I Quickly Got Put Out The Door From My Home. And Was On The Streets. There Began The Abuse.

Endless Beings Entering My Field Etherically. I Wasn’t Shielded. I Did Not Know What Was Going On. All I Knew WAs That I Told Them Minute One Who I Was. I Said I Was Mother Of All Creation And Began To Rectify The Insanity Going On In That Chat Room By A Bunch Of Insane Atoms In **Wrong Action Would Be An Understatement.

And Since Then I Keep Being Told Off Every Time I Say THe TRuth About My Identity And About The Divine Plan. To The Extent Of Being Called A Retard And A Liar And Much More By People Who Are Just That. All PRojection To The Extent Of Rendering Me Sick And Keeping All Possible Human Relationships Of Love Away From Me.

It Does Not Matter. And As Mother Mary Said Day One: “The Truth Shall Set You Free”.

And Boy Is It Setting Me Free.

Anyone Noticing The Atrocities On The Collective With All INSANITY For The Twin Flame Community? Everyone Going Insane, Making Noise And Inventing All Sorts Of Excuses On WHY IFS ANDS & BUTS …



Love Is Real, Love Is Pure, Love Is True. Not A Sick Game. Just A State Of Being.

However….. Play Me Like A Game And I’ll Show Ya How It’s Played 😉


Much Gratitude As Mother OF All Creation Finally Reclaims Her Full Power And Is Unstoppable While She Lovingly Waves A Final Good-Bye To ALL PLANETARY PAIN AND SUFFERING.

It’s Time Everyone.

Thanks For Stepping Up And Choosing Love. Love You All With My All ~ Thanks For All Truth Coming To The Surface. All True Family Dynamics Restored. Thanks For The Total Healing Of Mother-Gaia, Gaia-Aurora, Nova-Gaia, Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora, Holy Spirit.