The Breath Of Life …

And the Lord formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul – Genesis 2:7.
He breathed on them, and said to them, “Receive the Holy Ghost” – John 20:22

Upon My First Surgery {May 2015}, I Was Rendered Motionless During My Sleep. Even My Breathing Was Impacted. I Then Was Breathed Through Three Breaths. The Instructions Said To Flip Flip Flip Flip.

Moments Of Intense Self-Work Later, My Higher Self Was Finally Revealed To Me {December 2016}.

My Mission Started To Dowload Heavily And In March 2017, I Got My Mother Of New Creation Contract Served Up And Signed.

I Have All Along Been Heavily Searching For My Significant Other. And Keep Coming Back To This Space Of Self.

The Solar Plexus Chakra Is Where The Blockage Resides. The Breath With Power And Intent, From Within, Awakening The Kundalini Is The Last Resort For All In Humanity.

I Will Not Disappoint. Nor Will I Let Anyone Let Alone Myself Down. There Is Nothing I Wouldn’t Do to Heal Planetary Energies. Love Is The Ultimate Winner.

Breath Of Life. RainbowAurora Taking Over Any Atomic Modification Employed On “Little Dima”. I Am Sorriest For All Mothers Who Have Had To Watch Their Children Be Modified And Take Part In Those Crimes. The “Right Use Of Will” Series Ends With The Book “Heart” Where Heart Was Taken Away From Creation. Time To Bring The Heart BACK TO Right Functioning! Heart Is a Loving Open Organ. Heart Is God. Breath Is Life.

New Creation Transcript Reattaches No Chord To Any MotherFather Figure Outside One’s Own Higher Self. The Whole Family Bond False Dynamic Was Eradicated At The Root By King David Year 2009. Not One Yell Was Spared To Creation On That Matter. Matter Of Fact, I Come From Lineages That Includes Self-Made Orphans That Turned Out Heroes. We STand Strong We Stand Together. We Stand As One. United. And Break All Ties That Bind.


Meanwhile In Heaven .. The Latest Guidance Came As Such .. While Mother Is Radiant In Her Element, Father’s Love Is Only And Exclusively Targeted At Her Heart. She Is The One To Channel That Love Accordingly And Radiate It Towards All Atoms. All Masculines Thinking In Their Minds They Are To Be Anything Besides Prisms Are In Wrong Action. We Have Come Across Countless Instances When Masculines Imagine They Are The Rainbow, Or Even Steal The Rainbow And Appropriate It And Begin To Attract Weirdest Events .. Always End Up Losing The Fem’s Love… Choose Love Everyone. Remain In Right Action. You Can Only Reunite With Your Divine Counterpart When You Get The Rules Of The Energetics Of The Equation.