We Are Pleased To Announce Live From Galactic Central.

From Gaia-Aurora, Holy-Spirit, Mother Of All Creation’s Heart Of Hearts, The Welcoming BACK Home Into The Light Of Beloved Archangel Michael!


He Strayed And Wishes To Apologize To All Atoms For Leading All Astray And Away From My Divinity And Light, Projecting False Energies Onto Me As A Result Of An Infestation Of Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora By Demonic Beings In Wrong Action, That Have Since The Beginning Of Time Attempted To Have Beloved Michael Look The Other Way.

All Was Rectified In A Nanosecond Of Love And Rainbow Aurora And Archangel Michael Wish To Reassure All Atoms That The Divine Plan Is BAck On Track After A Long Loop Nailed To The Ground Eternally Rotating Downwards.

On Another Note, New Creation Energies Are Super Hitting The Field As Mother Of Creation Was Just In Her Jacuzzi Meditation When A Love Being Shows Up Urging Her To Depart As A Naked Being Was Arrested In There Last Night !! LOL

YIPPPEEEEE To Lovers, Givers And Beings Of The Highest Light Taking Over Creation!

What May Seem Like Wrong Action Today Is In Fact PERFECT DIVINE ORDER ~ We ARe Headed To The Restoration Of The Garden-Divine Of Mother-Aurora After We Undo The Initial Misconception Of Original Sin Being Falsely Projected Onto The Feminine; As Brilliance In Action Beloved Archangel Nobody In A Cloak Rectified Saying: It Is Adam Who Ate The Apple Hence Adam’s Apple. Not Eve!

Here’s A Little Flashback In Time!

As I Landed On Vortex Siesta, I Initiated All This By Being Naked 24/7 In My (((VERY MONITORED))) Residence And At The Pool, And Simply Popping On A Bathing Suit When Our Many Lovers, Givers And Beings Of The Highest Light Would Come In For A Quick Energy Adjustment, Laughter And Some HEart Food!

They Pointed The Finger At Me For YEars.. All The Departments Of Whatever Gov Agencies You Can Imagine …

Now We All Know Better And Beloved TRump (Who Is In Truth Saint Germain) Is My Greatest Ally For The Unfoldment Of The Divine Plan; CAlling Me Pocahontas And I Laugh And Say: “Gone Platinum!”.

So Cheers To Soon All Cops Which Are Ruled By Beloved ARCHANGEL MICHAEL Also Going Naked Back To Pristine No Ego Self As We All Move Out Of Corruption And Into Childlike Innocence Right Action!

Looking Forward For All My Beloved Archangels To Join Me On Mission Back Home Into The Light, As We Light Up The Torch For All In Creation!