Final Twin Transmission ~

Clean It Up .. Everyone …

Take Care OF Your Own Side Of The Street . Inward And Heal . Rebuild Your Own Side Before the Union Can Happen.

This Is Mainly A 5d And Beyond Connection > Spiritual Growth, Energy Healing, Quantum Physics . DIVE > Doors Opening, Trusting, Following Guidance ..

Letting Go Of The Physicality Of The Union .

Jackpot Will Be Hit No Doubt.

Thanks For Trusting That You All Got What It Takes . Patience Pays Off !

Third Energy Connection, Connection To Source ..

Thanking Saint Catherine For Bringing On Discernment Regarding This Divine Marriage .

Time To Let Go Of The Petty Details . Stand In Your Strength. No Place Like Home / No Doubt About It When The Twin Flame Connection Is On .

Inward . Figure Out The Loops That Keep You Attracting The Same Patterns . Say Emotional Unavailability .. And Ask : Where Am I Being Emotionally Unavailable … Not Showing Up .. Where Am I Not Showing Up For Myself ..

It’s A Journey Back To Self First . Noone Can Take Your Twin Away From You. If They Choose Another, Know You Have Agreed To This Before Incarnating . Yes Your Twin Is Your One And Only ..

Things Need To Fall Apart Before They Come Back Together.

Analogy Of Two Individual Homes Breaking Down Before One Castle Can Be Built As One.

Faith And Trust In Union.