💕💖💕 ♪♫*¨*•.¸¸ ॐ . . `•.(¨`•.•´¨) . . . . .`•.¸.•´💕💖💕

Higher Realm Connections Amplified At The Time Being. Please Dear Ones Make Sure You TOTALLY EXTERMINATE ALL ((8:43)) BUGS CREEPING CRAWLING TAKING FREEDOMS IN YOUR NAME ON YOUR BEHALF .


Poisoning Tea Leaves. Getting In The Way Of The Purity Of The Connection. Using Parts Of You .. For Their Own Benefit …

Upgrade Your Guides. It’s Time. Your Twin Flame Journey Guide.

You And Only You Know who Your True Twin Flame Is. In Your Heart.

How Wonderful Is It To Have Just Ordered A 44:4:44:4444 Twin Reading And The Reader Was Flabberghasted During Filming Herself At THe Light Spectrum Change Around Her From Orange To Yellow Pink Green Blue Red Etc … Live On Cam .. LOL

I Mentioned She Is Reading For RainbowAurora ! She Said She Loves IT!

How Wonderful!

The Reading Ends With : Finding Home And Commitment ! Couldn’t Go Any Better !

Grateful And Thankful For All Rainbow Angels For Making It Happen.

Thanking Saint Germain For The Densest Violet Flame Ever Blasted Today !

Thanking ARchangel Raphael For Being So Close.

Thanking Archangel Uriel For His Speedy Healing As The Reader Saw In My Solar Plexus Chakra Pain; Which Is The Chakra He Is King Of … Unfinished Symphonies Begone .. 😉

Thanking BELOVED AURORA For Being The Queen of All Queens . STanding Up For Herself And Setting The Whole Stage On Fire To Allow Forward Movement .

Oh What Fun ! Patience. Perseverance. RISE QUEENS RISE .

Love To Connect In And Warm Up this Holiday Season With Holiday Gongs And Breaths Of Hot Lava Love From Tierra Central .