On How Over Mother Of Creation Is With The Atoms Looking The Other Way

On Enlightenment.

By Grace. Through Faith . Very Few Are Privy To This Experience.

To Me, I Was Hit By Spiritual Lightening.

Happened On May 28, 2009. Upon My Landing To The Land Of The Free.

The Moment I Got Off The Plane, Welcomed As Mother Of Creation Commanded It With Flower Bouquet And A Yellow Stone Ring, And A Blue Stone Ring. A Black Mustang. American Spirits. A Loud Roaring Motor. A Louder Speaking Man. The Voice.

We Drove 10 Hours The Opposite Way Of Our Destination; The Moment I Looked At The Sky I Downloaded The Codes For FREEDOM. I Felt What Freedom Feels Like. I Was At Love At First Sight. Completely Mesmerized. I Knew Nothing Could Undo My Love For The Land. It Was An Instant Merge With Great Spirit. 10 Hours Later It’s Dawn And We Notice We’re In Another Town. It’s Stormy, Harsh Rain. Thunder. I Had Flown 21 Hours To Get Here. Concealing The True Purpose Of My Coming To USA Which Was To Reclaim My Throne By A Carefully Manufactured Plan. Took Me Three Months Of Training, Watching Work Movies, Downloading Infinite Transmissions From The Highest Orders Of Mystical Volumes To Be Able To Pull It Off. I Started Training In Hecting= Conscious Acting Miles Away From The Anchor Point, Vortex Siesta Activator.

Soon As We Got Home After A 20 Hour Car Ride Following A 21 Hour Plane Ride, The Door Opens. I Step In. And BAM. There Is Was. I Got My Hit. Lightning Stroke. I Fell To The Ground. My Uterus Directly Deconstructed And I Bled Then And There.

From That Moment Onward Everything Had Shifted. I Had Lost My Mind. My Mortality. My Sanity. I Was Unleashed. Pandora’s Box Was Open. It Was A One Way Ticket. Never Look Back Is Our Only Currency.

From Then On It’s Only Been Me Mirroring The Dysfunctional Love Octave As Long As I Must Until True Love Zero Point Is Finally Reached Inside And Out.

RAPTURE. Amore Don’t You Know. My Love I Want You So.

AuroraTinyAllMighty 😉 Super In Love With All In Creation!

Thanks For Surrendering To Love. I Am That I Am. Love Is All There IS.

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