On AMBERAURORA ~ First Angelic Order

Angel Amber Is UrielAurora’s NB 1 Angel Of Manifestation.

She Came Into My World Looking The Other Way And PRogrammed To Believe I’m The Bad Guy … Didn’t Take Her Long To Feel The Truth And Surrender To Purity And Love.

She Took On The Role Of Initiating The RUPTURE Of The False God-Head Dynamics IN THE PHYSICALITY SENSE. Courageous Hot Kitty Doll,  Was Able To Ride And Ride On And Demystify The FAkeness. Each Time We Connect, Miracles Abound …

I Am Grateful As Ever To Have Her Angelic Presence By My Side ~ A Few Weeks Ago She Reignited Contact After A Period Of Absence Mentioning BALI And I Shared The Behind The Scenes Information I HAve About The Area Having Had A Session Angel Contact Me From Inside Authority Facilities By Quasi Animals That Have Zero Sense Whatsoever Of Life On Earth; Beings That Actually Rule BAli …

So The Whole Spiritual Side Is A Made Up Joke When You Get To The Bottom Of Things.

Yesterday On The Phone, WE Were Mentioning Scandalous Events On The Volcano Top We Met On And She Jokingly Said The Volcano Must Erupt.

There We Go . The Right Volcano Is Currently Popping.

It’s High Time For Father To Step Up And Embrace Aurora For All The Power Of All The Light Angels To Be Used For Constructive Means As The Destruction Phases Are Officially Out With.

GodBless And GodSpeed ~

LovAll ~ AmberAurora