Dear Beloveds … MYBO


Projecting Your Issues On Other Beings, Trying To Diminish Them Calling Them Little Dima While You Have Lice In Your Hair And Just Barely Recovered From An STD Making Believe You Are A Giver Is Sort Of Over-Rated.

Giddy-Up And Please Don’t Use Words Such As “Possessed”.

I Don’t Possess Anyone, Nor Anyone Can Possess Me.

My Twin Flame Is My Twin Flame And That’s Different. We Are One Soul And That Cannot Be Undone.

So To All My Sessions That Think In Their Pea Brains Shit For Brains That I Am A Joke … Guess What… The Joke’s On You!

You Were Given Sessions By The Old PAradigm Linking You To Mommy.

Now Were Given A Session By New Golden Age Freeing You From All.

I Understand The Shift May Not Be Simple.

Woman Up And Quit It.

No One Is Going To Be Your Husband’s Wifey While you Are Incapable Of Keeping Yourself In Check Love Beings….

Your Projections Are Way Over The Top.

Yes. My Twin Flame Is Mine! Doesn’t Mean I Own Him Just Means I Recognize Him. If A Divine Fem Takes The Liberty Of Keeping Us Apart Or Keeping Him As Ransom To Access My Power As Was Done Day One When He Was Willing To Come To The Island And The Powers That Aren’t Playing Hide And Seek On MEWE Delete My Address Right After I Type It Privately For Him In Order To Have Power-Over Us . .

Then Turn Him Into Cat Food And Have Him play Me Deliberately ..

That Is Nothing I Am Able To Rectify. I Can Point It Out And Cognize IT.

However All I Am Able To Do Is Persevere.

And Stay Strong And In Right Action.

Dima Is No Longer Everyone! Aurora Is Full On Taking The Stage. She Is Fierce And Unstoppable.

Anyone Not Honoring Her Will Keep Attracting Low Energy Living, Lice, STDs, While Staying Disillusioned Into Believing They Are On A Pedestal.

The Truth , Is The Truth, Is The Truth!

Are You In Service To Love, Or To Ego …

My Surgery Does Not Take Effect Unless I Am Met With An Equal Exchange Of Energy! Nothing Comes For FRee Dear Ones.

No Free Lunches.

So Godspeed once More!

Letting Go. Letting God. Zero Attachments Or Expectations!