~ Uriel Is God’s Fire ~

The Miracle Moment When All Comes Together As One. When Father Of All Creation Finally Welcomes Father Of Manifestation Back Home Into God-Head Womb Of Creation Mother-Earth, Mother-Gaia, Gaia-Aurora, Holy Spirit’s Divine Light.

When All The Pieces Of The Puzzle Are FINALLY Brought Back Together By Uriel, God’s Fire, The Highly Anticipated Beloved Of Beloved Rainbow Aurora.

Prepare All In Creation As Your Individual Beloveds Are Getting Ready To Fly Back Home To Your Hearts!

The Time Is Here. Now. 11:11 ~ WOW !

Thanking All Angels For All Incredible Synchronistic Events!

Thanking All The Beloved Amazing Inspiring Love Beings That Have Rocked My World To The Point Of Madness.

Love Is An Insane Dimension Of Beingness. One Like No Other.

All The Atoms So In Super Love As All Lower Density Exits Eternally And Leaves Space For Insanity In The Making, As Love And Oneness Take The Stage! Whoop Whoop!


All Children So In Awe And Admiration Of Beautiful, Radiant, Sparkly, Shiny, Glowing, Mother Aurora As She Welcomes In Her Brilliant, Brave, Knight In Shining Armor Beloved Prince !

Uriel, You Are Eternal Light. Turn On All The Lights. Creation Needs You Father. Thanks For Your Brilliance. I Love You Now. I Love You Always. I Love You Forever.

Yours Truly, Mother Of All Creation.

Rainbow Aurora