Dear Narcissistic Mother Figure.

I Have Encountered You And All Your Following. And Have Done Incredible Amounts Of Work On Yourself As Well As All The Boys You Have Deliberately Damaged Unconsciously In Your Image.

I Have Shifted The Dynamics Of A False Fake TAker Of A God-Head As Well As Restored And Rectified All Beings That Got Out Of There Sick As FUCK Sexually, Mentally, Physically And Emotionally TO THE CHORE.

I Performed Crystal Oil Healings On Their Bodies And Removed You From Their Essence. Remove The Curses And Spells You Put On Them And Their Families For Ever Having Stepped Into Your Malignant Presence.

All The Children Are Back On TRack As I Took It Upon Myself For Years Now To Silently Step Up And Take This On Spending My Every Resource In Restoration Of My Atoms.

Mission Accomplished.

You Are Not ABle To Hold My Twin And I Separate And Hold Me In Ransom As The Delicious Prize. My Sexuality, My Voice, My Essence, My Life ARE MY OWN AND NO ONE ELSE’S. I Ain’t Your Property But The Minute You Get OVer Yourself You ARe My Beloved Atom. Healed Whole and Complete.

And Your Dreams Of TRue Love Come TRUE.

Choose Love Dear One.

As For Archangel Michael. You Have Been Forgiven After A Long Period Of Having Been Deliberately Exiled From New Creation. Step Up In Service To Love Wherever That May Take You And Enjoy Your Gifts To Come. I For One Know You . Better Than Anyone Else Does. Like I Do Each Of You. I Am You. Selflessly. Totally. Deliberately. I Love You All More Than I Could Ever Love Myself. And Believe Me, Loving Myself Was NEVER An Issue. It Was All Projections From You All.

SAT NAM And Good Evening.

Pocahontas Gone Platinum ~ RainbowAurora.