Last But Not Least ~ On God-Head Energetics

True That I Am In Totality In Awe Of What Hilton World Has Done For Me.

Doesn’t Mean I Am In Any Way, Sense Or Form Attached To This Location As I Am Totally Surrendered To Father Of All Creation’s Will.

As Far As I Am Concerned, He Is Not Here With Me Now. I Am Simply Staying As An Additional Element In A Love Triangle Between Two True Twins That Are In Dispute Putting Me In The Middle.

So i Strongly Invite In Change. I Am Surrendered To Divine Will And Ready As I Always Have Been To Clear The Space And Go where My Heart True Love IS At And Clear The Way For Those Two True Twin Flames To Come Together.

I Was Waiting For Reconciliation And Attempted The Friendly Approach. Turns Out USA Is Way More Cookie Cutter Than Expected And Wildly Dangerous. Simply Being Around A Being Signified Us Seeing Each Other Which Really Isn’t The Case For Single Ladies In Our Areas Of The World Where It’s Way More Forgiving And I Grew Up With Infinite Male Best Friends At All Times Around Me Always Hanging Out In My Bedroom And Home Even While I Was Out With My Boyfriend Of The Time.

I Apologize For Cultural Differences And Am Grateful For The Lessons Learned. I Am Ready To Give My Soul To My One And Only Beloved And Exit Spaces Where I Do Not Belong As A Significant Other To Anyone.

Thanking Angels For Bringing IT ON!!!!