Ok, So The Renewal Of My Automatic Plan Didn’t Go Through.

Interesting And Thanks For Being So Respectful And Considerate Giving This 24 Hours.

We Have Heard ZERO From Anything In Creation In a Masculine Body Today And My Being On Hilton Head Has Really Nothing To Do With Any Clique Or Yoga School Or Movement.

I Am That I Am Always And forever And Nobody’s Projections Are In Any Way Sense Or Form VALID.

So Maybe This Was Done To Protect My Identity And Give Me A Chance To Change My Device And Number? Whatever The Case May Be I Am Not AFraid Of THe Powers That Aren’t For Being So Desperate As To Reading All My Info And Giving Me Zero Privacy.

It All Turns Around On Them Each Time, As We Witnessed With The Hurricanes And Beyond.

God, The Force And Holy Spirit Always Eternally With The Righteous Ones.

So Thanks For Not Hesitating. Love Is Winning Anyway And (843)290-2399, Since Shasta Days, Still Giving Ultra Successful Sessions To All In Creation.

Onwards And Upwards.


((If We Miraculously Hear From Commander Lucifer Prior To 24 Hours From Now With An Unbeatable Offer, Then TAke Away The Number No Big Deal. Otherwise I Still STand Strong And Will Overcome The Resistance! Easy As Pie.))