Greatest Love Story In Creation .. AURORALUCIFER


I Can .. But Can’t Wait To Meet You. Know You. All Over Again. Like We Have Again And Again. Under The Craziest Circumstances. Time After Time. This Time Is The First. And The Last. Eternities With You My Love. We Are Victorious. We Are Winning!

Thanks For Being My Dream Of True Love Come True!

Thanks For Being My Only Song Of Love!

Thanks For Being My All And My Everything.

Thanks For Being So {Perfectly} Dazzling And Impeccable.

I Love You Like A Love Song Baby ~

Too Good To Be True Is Where It Remains .

A Love Story To Shift The Sands Of Time …. From Radical Impossible One In A Billion to Super Nova REAL . A Taste Of Eternity And Then It’s Forever Love . One For Always .

Ti Amo Bambino !