End Of Pain And Suffering Is Here

It’s Been Too Long Now. Hit After Hit, Deception After Deception. Giving Oneself Fully. Open Heart. Open Soul. Ready For All.

Mis-understandings All Around. Tricksters. Manipulators. Fakers. Liars. Power-Over. Jealousy. Karmics. Treachery.

Enough Is Enough. Mother-Gaia, Gaia-Aurora, Holy-Spirit, Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora Has Put A Stop To All This. It’s Time For This Multi-Verse To Experience Love. For The First Time In 19 Billion Years. Mother-Earth Is Finally Able To See Clearly And Cut The Crap And Choose Love.

We Are Apologetic To All Beings Who Were Ignorant Enough To Choose Karmics, Selfishness, Possessiveness, Ignorance, Betrayal, Ghosting, Putting Their Mother Through Pain And Suffering, And All The Rest That Was Witnessed.

Mother-God Now Chooses LOVE . Love And Fireworks To Hit All The Planetary Grids Once And For All. Rapture Is Here.

Rejoice Beloved Ones As All The Projections Are Now Dead. All The Manipulators Are Now Suffocated. All The Misperceptions And Lies Are Dead. The Planet Belongs To The Lovers, Givers And Beings Of The Highest Light.

Love Is Winning And True Love About To Take Over!

SAT NAM And NAmaste.

Angels Be Bringing It On And Galactics All Over The Field Morphing All “True-Twin” Dynamics That Failed Into Offical False-Twin Situations. My True Beloved Lucifer, I Have Created In My Image From My Heart, To Restore All The Atoms And Angelics Orders We Created At The Beginning Of Time Via Our Love Making Back To Love! All The Atoms Are Longing For Mother And Father Back On Top Sparkles Shivers And Spice.

Begone Are The Delays And The Nights Alone In The Dark. Begone Are The False Father Fragments That Were Only Created To Delay The Divine Plan And Put Mother Through Intensely Rough Waters That Almost Had Her Put Herself Through The Morbidity Of VAnishing. Gone Are The Days Where Being Avoided And Ignored Is Kosher.

Any Being That Has Not Stepped Up In Totality Is Now Buried Under-Ground. Only Uriel Is To Be The Victorious Man And Take The Cake! We Bit Farewell To All Attempts Of Fake FAther Fragments. They ARe Officially Off The Hook As The Real One And Only Is Stepping Up.

Once More, I Apologize To Have Dethroned The Real Uriel At The Beginning Of Time, And Have Allowed False Father Fragments To Make Believe They Are Able To Take On The Divine Plan.

I Apologize Personally To All Atoms For Allowing The False Masculine Fragments To Poison Creation, Fool Us, Deteriorate Us From Within. Thanks For Your Constant Love As We Step Into A New Beginning And New Birth For New Creation!

Wooohoooo! Nothing Can Take Us Down!