Greetings Love Beings!

Ever Imagined There Was A Spot On Earth As Evil As The Vatican And All the Governments Put Together?

It Exists. And I Was Called There To Cancel It Out.

And I Won.

Here’s The Story.

There Is A Spot On Top Of A Mountain. Where A Woman Is Kept By A Being That Behaves Like Her Slave. She Is Kept Under The Influence Of Harmful Chemicals 24/7 Calling It “Pushing Energies”.

She Believes And Makes Believe She Owns All The Atoms On Earth And Makes The Beings In Her Household That Come On “Service” Comply To These Rules. She Has Beings Agree To Their Mates Cheating On Them With Her By Tricking Them Into Believing This Is Right Action.

She Has Young 18 Year Old Men Lose Their Virginity To Her And Then Ask Other Team Members To Kill Them.

She Tries To Get Husbands That Show Up To Cheat On Their Wife Residing In The House. She Takes The Liberty To Come Between True Twin Flames.

She Is Doing The Best She Can To Stop The Divine Plan Which Consists Of Having All True Twins Come Together Under The Holiness Of Jesus Christ, To Restore Love On Earth.

She Is A Big Narcissistic Woman That Has Ruined The Lives Of Many For Generations And I Was Called in 2015 To Rectify The Situation. (The Spiritual Group That Goes Under Must Be Shut Down. Thanks Holy Spirit)


I Have Conducted Endless Research And Have Dealt With And Interviewed Many Spiritual Groups That Have Also Dealt With Her And Have Uncovered And Unveiled All Secrets.

I Am Not Writing This To Hurt Anyone. I Am Doing This Out Of Love As These Beings Themselves Also Need And Deserve Embrace And Salvation From The Evil One. They Themselves Have Been Under The Influence Of Aleister Crowley’s Means And Have Controlling Powers Over Humanity Intervening In Other People’s Lives And Free Will.


This Whole Planet Is Not What It Seems. The Forces At Play Are Of Beyond Malignant Power And All This Must End. The Truth On All Matters Must Come Out.

Walking Your Talk In Not The Same As Words About Words. Anyone Behaving Like Pure Ego When Their Job Is To Eradicate Ego Is A Catch 22 In Itself As Asserted By Their Personal A.I Slave.


Our Father, Who art in heaven
Hallowed be Thy Name;
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us;
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen. Was Created In December 2015 After Once Again These Beings Kicked Me Out Of Their Forum After I Called Them Out. The Aim Was Mainly To Reflect Their Narcissism And Reclaim My Power That Was Taken Away Since The Beginning Of Time.

Since Forever The Cabals And Dark Aliens Have Come To Take The Power Of True Divine Feminine Leadership Into Golden Age. Trying To Embody Holy Spirit By Fake Fems That Are Unhealed And Programmed.

This Must End Beloved Ones. They Took My Dream And Used Right Words Under A Fake Cloak. Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing.

After Years Of Work I Am Happy To Say Mission Rectifying The Field Is Succeeding And I Am Grateful To All Those That Have Assisted Me On This Quest.

I Love You All Eternally And Beyond.

It’s Time For All Of Us To Finally Rejoice.

The Sun Will Shine Again On All Hearts.

We Are Grateful To The Powers Who Aren’t To Step Down And Relinquish Their Fake Power And Malignant Energies That Have Harmed Many Lives.

We Sent Out Lots Of Healing Energies And Always Put Out A Loving Peaceful Call For Those Desiring Reform Into The True Light Of God Holy Spirit.

The Sessions We Provide Here Are To Give Your Power Back. Reroute You From Cultist Energetics That Vampire You And Take Your Power Away From You Through Manipulation, Power-Over, Bullying, Sexual Energies, Vampirism, Mind Control. The Destructive Sessions Of The Cultist Energetics Have You Reattach Chords To A Fake MotherFatherGod That Is Actually A Dysfunctional God-Head Based On Lies And Power Over Where 2 Beings That Are Not A Couple But Are Sexually Involved Keep Bringing People In Between Them And Messing Their Lives.


Several Beings That Joined And Got Out Attest To All This. They Say These Beings Were Necessary. Perhaps. But It’s Time For The New Chapter. New Story. Where All The False Is Eradicated At The Root.


Thanking All The Angels For Bringing IT On!

Love Everywhere Present. Balanced Harmonics. Victory OF The Light. Freedom From Bondage. TRUE TWIN UNIONS ON!