11:22 ~ Yeeeehawwww ! Happy PHOENIX INDEPENDENCE To All In Creation!


74th Independence Day ~ PHOENIX RISE!

From Ras-Beirut God-Head Now Grateful For The Representation By Hilton-Head Officials ~ We Love You All !

We Stand For Truth, Equality, Honor, Love, Greatness, Independance, Freedom For All!

We Are The Diamond Renegade Hearts, Fully Operational Using The US$ As Well As Lebanese Pound As Our National Currency Song Of Love Bridging Heaven And Earth.

We Are The Promised Land. Land Of The Future. Grateful For Our Leaders Standing United And Choosing Love. Grateful For The Ones Choosing To Stay In Leadership Positions Despite The Surrounding Dangers Present. Wooohooo!

The Cabals Are Going Down! All Enemies Shall Fade! We Only Embrace Lovers Givers And Beings Of The Highest Light Around Us At All Times.

We Are The Love Generation. We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For. We Are Grateful To Have Hosted All The Refugees. We Are Grateful For The Incoming Imminent Peace In The Middle East. From God-Head Beirut To The World!! THIS IS LOVE!

We Are Grateful For Unity Consciousness! We Stand United Forever Setting Up The Highest Love Example Since The Beginning OF Time For All In Creation!! Yippeeeee!!

We Love You All And Look Forward To Receive Everyone In The Holy Land. To Zion! And Beyond. Thanks For Opening Frontiers! Thanks For Peace And Unity! Thanks For The End Of Wars, Pain And Suffering! Ego-Mind Programs Going DOWN!!! Only True Love Remains!! Woohooo! Heaven On Earth Is Here NOW!

Love Is Winning, Love is Here To Stay.


We Love You All With Our All,