Happy 11:11 Portal To All Atoms!

Wooohoooo! That Magical Date And Day! Greeting All In The Highest As We Embrace And Allow The Highest Outcome For All In Creation On This Super Amped Up Magical Day Linking Heaven And Earth ! Rainbow Portal Wide Open And A Day For All Atoms To Get Centered, Grounded, And Call In From Their Hearts Their True Blue-Print Divine Twin Flame That Shares The Same DNA! That Being That Was Created And Conceived From Source When Each Of Us Were, and That Was Separated From Us At Birth In A Physical Vessel!

Dear Twins, Do Not Give Up! Having A Twin Flame Is One Of The Most Daunting Yet Miraculous Events! Many Have Been On This Arduous Path For A While Now And This Is A Double Edged Sword As Is Everything Else! When You Finally Find Your Twin, They Might Be In A Relationship, A Marriage, Have Children, Be On Another Continent, Be From A Different Social Strata, Have A Different Background, And Lots More. They Will Have Exactly What It Is You Personally Need Mirrored For Your Completion and Total Transcendence. The Connection Often Has Begun Lifetimes Prior And Now Is The Final Moment For All True Twins From Source To Love Fearlessly And Come Back Together In Perfect Union In Order For Us All As One To Anchor In Highest Quotient Of Love And Light In Order For All Past Structures To Crumble!

Love Is The Only Force That Is Real Dear Ones! Fear Is An Illusion = False Evidence Appearing Real! Stay In Your Hearts Brave Ones As You Melt Down Your ILLUSIORY Ego-Mind Program!

Anyone Still Validating Lower Emotions, Is Reinforcing The Annunaki Plan Of Taking Over Our Thought System And Infiltrating It Making Us Worrying About The Past And Thinking About The Future Which Both DO NOT EXIST As All We Ever Have Available Is The Present Moment Of Now!

Humanity Has Been Dumbed Down Over Many Years Of Dark Alien Invasion And It Is Now Time To Fully Reclaim Our Power And Planet Back. Victory Of The Light Is Here Now And Releasing All Conditionings, Agendas Is The Only Way To True Victory!

We Still Are In Service 24/7 To Humanity Offering Priceless Million dollar Sessions For 88.88$ ~ Each Session Is One Hour And Will Take You Through The Whole Atlantean Checklist Pointing Out Your Personal Ego You Still Are Stuck in, Giving You Means To Connect To Your Angelic Teams, Means To Assist Yourselves In Melting Down Your Egos All The Way Till you Perfectly Embody Your Highest Of Selves And Download All Your Codes Necessary For Your Mission Activation This Lifetime As Well As Attracting Your Twin Flame Partner That Will Assist You In Completing Your Mission To Love This Lifetime!

Remember We Are Only Here As Souls In Bodies On Mission To Love! We Are Here To Assist Mother-Gaia, holy-Spirit, Mother-Of-Creation To Restore Her Perfect-Self : Balanced Harmonics, Love Everywhere Present, All Chakras Open And Aligned, Perfect Telepathic Abilities, Third Eye Open, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Highest Levels Of Intelligence.

We Are Here To Bring Our Beloved Planet Earth, Queen Of All Planets, Back To Her Initial Pristine Self! Garden Of Eden, Innocence, Childlike Joy! Love And Light!

Crystal Schools For Our Children! Light Cities For All Of Us! Sharing The Most Advanced Heart Based 5d And Beyond Tech To Heal All In Creation!

Anyone Still Stuck In Ego Is Literally An Abomination! No Words Left To Say Really But CIANARA! Unbelievable I Cannot Even Begin To Describe How Gross Your Retardation Makes Mother-Gaia Feel!

Step Up Or Please Bug Off My Creation!

Thanks And NAmaste To ALL

RainbowAurora Mother Of Creation //

Calling In All Co-Creators In Service! No Clue What Makes Anyone Fell They Get A Free Pass!!! For Real Now!