RainbowAurora ~ MiamMiamMiam

Greetings Love Beings!

Wow ~ Another One Bites The Dust Father Says And Laughs Out Loud While Mother Of Creation Nails Him Down To That Cross. No Stone Is To Be Left Un-turned Until The Full On 24 Hour Union And It’s Looking Like Thanks-Giving Will Be Celebrated Incognito In A Wood Cabin Somewhere Exclusive For Love Birds!

We Are Both Head Over Heels Over Each Other And So In Love With All The Atoms! Our Love Is Purely Life Engendering And Every-time We Come Together Doors That Had Been Sealed Locked Since The Beginning Of Time By The Deepest Hasnamuss Forces Are Simply Opening And Secrets Unraveling!

Won’t Be Too Long Until Father Tells All Atoms That Are Non-Auroric To Bug The F*** Off His Tree Of Life And He Steps Up And Unites All Around Our Galactic Sun Into A Blue Star-Seed Inter-Galactic Nation!

We Soon Will Be Revealing The Whole Story As It Has Been Known And Written Since The Beginning Of Creation. How We Met And The Circumstances That Keep Bringing Us Back Together Are  Nothing Short But Miraculous.

We Thank All Angelics For The Light-Work Poured Into The Grids Enabling All Misaligned Actions To Depart All Auric Bodies.

Once Again, The Company Of Heaven Thanks The Advanced 4D Practices That Have Been Acting Like Transitory Disciplines On Humanity’s Way To 5d And Beyond! Where Only Pure Joy, Love And Bliss Are The Rule Of The Land ! Whooop!
“Bikram yoga acts as an anti-aging and preventive medicine keeping the body young and healthy. Yoga maintains youth long. It keeps the body full of vitality, immune to diseases, even at old, old age. The yogi never becomes old.” ~ Bishnu Ghosh ~ Cheers To Daily Asanas !