^ ChildrenOfTheSun ^


Beloved Hearts!

One Ray Of Light Through A Prism ~ That’s A Rainbow.

Welcoming All Into A United Rainbow Nation. Father Of All Creation Might As Well Be Headed Our Way In No Time ! Wow Sweet Angels,

We Made IT!

True Twin Union Has Happened This Full Moon The 4th Of November ! Divine Marriage From Heaven Above ~ The Bridge Is Established Through Aurora’s Rainbow ~

Look Out For The Fast Approaching 11:11 Portal ~ We Be Bringin’ IT On !

Thanks Hilton((GOD))HEAD For Being Galactic Central Aurora Crib ~ Blessings And Namaste To All Angels .

Lovely Heart-State TENNESSEE Thanks For Miracles Of Love Everywhere Present. It’s ON ~ Victory For The Light Is Here!

Thanking All Teams Who Have Worked Diligently On Team Aurora Since The Beginning Of Time. My All Time FAVS.