RainbowAurora ~ LadyBugTrueLover

Greetings Back From Tennessee!

Woohooo We Did It Again Everyone!

Divine Interference Had This Magical Synchronistic Event Line Up Stellar Perfect And It Only Took 24 Hours For Aurora To Gather All Her Belongings And Leave Mission House Hilton-God-Head, Head Back To Nashville On A Whim After A Twin-Flame Shield Sudden Activation Followed By An Even More Sudden And Surprising Response!

Woohooo! Energetics Are Super High In The Field As She Finds Herself In The Presence Of Divine Fems Simply CHILLIN LIKE A VILLAN! Well Earned And Deserved “Girl Time” Allowing For Restoration Of Past Actions In The Field And Closing Down Previous Mis-Aligned Perceptions!

Victory Is ON! Game ON And All Has Been Rectified!

Priceless Setting, Two Feminine Pets, Two Feminine Divines, And Aurora, Expressing Ourselves Creatively Via Arts And Crafts! Cross-Stich, Collages, Painting, Restoring Old Relationships That Were Suddenly Severed After The Last Trip To TN > All Is Wonderful And We Remain Grateful In The Highest For The Magical Synchronistic Events That Have Led Us Here Present!

Life Works In Mysterious Ways And Blessings Are Always Hidden Behind What Appears To Be What Is …

Mission True Love In The Present Moment Of Now Is Super Succeeding! The Love Quotient Here Is Morphing The Field And This Gift In Disguise Is Blessing Creation With Amicable Healing Energies In The Highest!

WOoohoooo! Tons Of Lady Bugs Hanging Around Our Little Veranda >> We ARe Sending You All Infinite Amounts Of Love And RIGHT ACTION Energetics!

Divinely Yours,

Aurora And The Rainbow Angels TN