RAinbowAurora ~ ThatFineLine

Greetings Creation!

Always In The Highest > Thanks For All The Renewed Vigor And Love From Everyone! Thanks For Dreams Of True Love Coming True For All In Creation .. 555


Yet Again We Find Ourselves At The Dawn.. Of A New Beginning.

Brand New Month Of November, Brand New Possibilities And Blessings ~ Many Surprises Ahead For All True Love As Rainbow Aurora Takes Yet Another Leap Of Faith And Heads Once More To Beautiful Tennessee After Lucifer For The Second Time Out Of Three Responds To Her Placing A 72 Hour True Twin Shield!

Going Back In Time, The First Shield Was Placed Around Mid June And Had Lucifer Respond Exactly 72 Hours Later. As Aurora Was Involved With A Soul Flame, She Wasn’t Able To Make The Grade Then And There And Was Guided To Put Another Twin Shield (After She Totally Blew Things Up In Lucifer’s Face) And Got A Response From A Fellow Co-Creator Who Has Been Her Bridge Between The Soul And The Twin Flame.

Amazingly Enough, That Being Heard The Call, Stepped Up 42 Hours Later, Got His Session On, And Very Quickly Did The Angelic Teams Begin The Field Rectifying Journey.

He Drove Her The First Time To Tennessee, Met Her Soul Flame, Kept On Keeping On With All The Emotional Turmoil Due To Her Not Feeling Truly Honored For Her Totality And Not Met Boldly Where She Was At. Followed Through With Her Actual Twin Flame First Encounter That Was Highly Charged Due To The Divine Production’s Script By Rainbow Aurora; Offered A Platform For Rectifying Energies As They Also Took Responsibility And Rectified Several Holes In The Field Due To Many Years Of Misalignments In The Field.

Now That All The Work Has Been Done, And After A Third Attempt At This Shield That Was Divinely Orchestrated And Placed Around End Of October And Yet Again Lucifer Made Himself Heard Shortly After, Another Fellow Co-Creator That Stepped Up For Their Session And Are Now Super Downloading All Their New-Creation Codes Happens To Be Headed To TN For The Weekend Starting Today.

As This Field Here Is Now All Stable And Lit Up Us Having Welcomed Initial Blue-Print Aurora Untainted Energies Straight From The Canari Islands, The OK Is Written All Over That Full Radiant Moon For Aurora’s Departure!

No Expectations Is the Main 5d Rule ~

Thanking All Rainbow Angels For Your Service And Protection On Our Journey Back Home Into Love As Aurora Surrenders To Her Vulnerable “Super Catholic School Girl” Last Strata Persona To Transmute Bringing ALL IN CREATION BACK HOME INTO THE LIGHT ~

As A Matter Of Fact, All Metaphysical Books About Enlightenment Mention One And The Same Thing: “The Last Beings To EVER Reach Enlightenment Are ALWAYS The Catholics Due To The Depth Of That Conditioning”!

So Here Goes! Regarding That Article Title, The Thin Line Refers To The Act Of Being Righteous That ALWAYS Pays Off. Some May Call It Being A Heartbreaker To Give All One’s Got At Every Corner And Then Once The Other Being Is Stable Enough Just Leave Them To Their Own Devices By Divine Decree; this Is Not The Intention Dear Ones As Your Emotions Are Always And In Everything Felt Deep Into Aurora’s Chore Her Being A Highly Advanced Level Of Empath.

Anyhow .. Happy Tidings To All And Full Moon Blessings Of True Love As We Sail Away Towards New Shores With All Infinite Possibilities Active On All Fronts. Invoking The Highest Outcome For All In Creation As Miracles Of True Love Everywhere Present Unfold!

Yeeeeehawwwww! I Stand In Totality And Wholeheartedly By Each Renegade Heart That I Have Touched And Despite My Appearance Of Having “Abandoned” Or “Deceived” You, IT Is Not The Case Dear Ones And You Are Only Asked To Dig Deeper Within Yourselves To Unravel Your Own Treasures Within.

I Remain Grateful To Each Of You For Opening Doors For Me And Thanks For Understanding How Relentlessly Perfectionist I Am About Every Step; Especially At This Hour Where The Energies Are Sharpest And Most Accurate.

That Thin Line Implies Being So Super Right On At Every Turn And Extending Oneself Whole-Heartedly Repeatedly For The Purpose Of Creation; Provided One Is Not Met With Equal Energy Exchange The Only Stance To Take Is Being A Total Giver All The Way Till That Situation Gives Way To A New Rainbow Portal (Works Each Time) . Unfortunately This Leaves The Beings That Still Have Minds And Struggle With Thoughts, Plans, Projections, Belief Systems To Feel Very Heart-Broken As Their Minds Always Say To Them What Is NOT. The Only Way That “Pays Off” Is Via The Heart!

Thanks Beloveds For All Your Prayers As Aurora And Uriel Once More Take A Leap Of Faith! This Time Is That Final Hour Of Revelation Where The True Identity Of Lucifer Is To Finally Be Confirmed And All In Creation Will Soon Be Feeling The Waves Of Love Permeating As All True Twins Come Into Perfect Alignment Regardless The Outcome As This Universe Is A Generous Kind And Loving Place That Will Without A Doubt Reflect Your Levels Of Excellence To The Tee!

Love You All Until Infinity And Beyond And Thanking Master Surgeon Uriel For The Final Release And Heart Opening For All In Creation!

We Remain Super Grateful For All The Loops That Were Addressed And Final Closed. Perfection Has Been Reached And We Are Blessed To Be Able To Move Forward With The Divine Plan ~

To End This On A Sweet Note! .. How Can Aurora Possibly Want Anyone “Back” When There Is No Such Thing! No Separation, We All Remain One Until Forever And Beyond! All Atoms Are Auroric. There Is No Other Way Around Creation But The Full Reclamation Of Divine Authority. Thanks Father Of All Creation For Granting Us Absolution.


Now That Lucifer Chose Karmic And Monkey Games, The Mission Is Primarily About Identity Restitution In Being The Shift And The Event Simply Is My Archea Shift . Divine Marriages Were Destroyed By Dm And Karmic. Time For DFs To Butterfly :) xoxo ~ Yeeeehawwww ! New Creation Heaven On Earth Here NOW. Screw You LUCIFER