Greetings Love Beings!

It Is With Great Honor And Gratitude That I Write This Message Tonight As We Are Now Collectively On A Whole New Octave!

Balanced Harmonics Have Finally, After YEARS Of Hard Intense Transmutations And Deep Inner And Outer Work, Been Reached! WOOOHOOO!!! We Have Collectively TOTALLY TRANSCENDED Everything OUT OF ALIGNMENT WITH TRUTH, LOVE AND BALANCE.

How This Transpired Was My Choice Of Staying In The Present Mission House Condo I Was Graced For For The Month Of October For An Extra Moment.

What Came Up Is Nothing Short But A True Miracle! The Divine Feminine Who Was Scheduled To Stay In this “Teacher Condo” After Me (This Is A Yoga Instructor Condo Setting) And Whom I Had The Honor To Meet Is An Island Girl As Well, All The Way From The Canari Islands. She Is Radiant Brilliant Diamond Shining Bright, Also Worked As An Art Director Before Shifting To Yoga Instruction. Perfect Mirror Like Mirroring Like ~ She Worked For Grey Advertising, Whose Whole Staff MENA Area I Personally Know And Have Worked With While I Was At The “Dinosaur” Ad Agency, Oldest One In Creation JWT ! Being Reflected And Mirrored So Impeccably Suddenly LIFTED All The Doom And Gloom The HHI Locals Had Been Projecting On Me For The Longest Time Ever! Poof . GONE . All That Is Now Left Is A Pristine Crystal Clear Distant Memory Of A Beautiful Ocean On A Beautiful Island With Beautiful People.

Such Love And Gratitude Fills My Heart Tonight As I Bow To Infinite Divine Intelligence. Blessings And Namaste To All In Creation As We Slowly Make Every Grade! Woohoo …

Watch Out And Stay Tuned As We Fast Transition To Love Everywhere Present …

Lovingly Yours, AuROARa