RainbowAurora ~ STOP MIND////DING THE GAP .

Greetings Beloved Creation!

JEEZ U.K ! We Get It . And We Undo It. OK ? Glad They Have The Young Ones Now Rule And The Old Queen Is Resting .. True They Also Are Shot And Maintained, But There Is Hope Of Deliverance In The Fact That The Shots ARE Undoable . I Have Undone It Myself. Hardest Thing I Have Had To Do, Almost Died And Was SPOKEN DEAD As Well As Wished Dead By Some Creeper Heartless Cabal Lawyers. It’s Years Later Now And Not Only Did I Not Die .. But I Am Coming ALIVE. Something You All Will NEVER FEEL Unless You Bow To Me …. WELL WELL >>> ISN’T GOD FUCKING GREAT! LOOOL ~

((Hi To My Nashville AMAZING Angel Who Chose To Call Me PEACHES!)) xoxo

On A Separate Note 😉

I Have Gotten Calls From A Love Being (Kept In Jail DUH) Telling Me Lucifer Is In Hawaii … My Initial Guidance When I Initially Got www.lovedima.com ‘s Funds Walking At The Beach Approached By An Angel Asking Me A Few Questions Was Pretty Clear: “GO TO HAWAII”. I Even Found Me A GREAT Studio Apartment On The Ocean However IT Did Not Take Long For The Ones Who Already Played Lucifer Father Of All Creation Roles To Contact Me Wild And Lead Me to Them.

Happily I Went And Little Did I Know They Had A Bunch Of Clearing Left To Do Before Kneeling Down And Offering Their Hearts To Me Like I Pictured It In My Wildest Dreams ……


One More Thing; the Being From ‘jail’ Was A Being  I Met At The Nashville Greyhound Station. He Looks Like Ken (Minus One Detail) And Is Highly Advanced ; He Was Released For Me It Seems And Said He Was Going To Myrtle Beach And Instead Contacted Me From Another Jail Facility Saying They Are Keeping Him Till November (He Was Mentioning How Long It’s Been Since He Last Made Love … LOOOL) . November Key Month (As Also Mirrored And Certified By My Twin Archangel Uriel In One Of His Latest Channeling!). So Wow Divine Providence And Cheers To A Success Filled November For Creation! 😉


This Video I Filmed Today Tackles The Mind … This Illusion That I Never Nor Has Anyone Understood Except The Ones Who Created It In Conjunction With A Few Earthlings Who With-hold All The Power Over All Of You! Whooop! Truth Be Told . Everyday in Every-way I Saw Your Minds Rear Up Their Cabalistic Energies In My Face…. No Calling It Out For What It Is When The Being In My Face Is Playing Power-Over Moment Zero! I Laugh On And Walk On! Ain’t Nothing Gonna Stop The Love Train Beloveds! Trust Me Lucifer Will Crawl Out Of Hell For Me . Anytime Of The Day . That’s Why The False Light Workers Limit Access To My You-Tube Channel As Well As Website! Too Afraid Of Love! BOOYA