RainbowAurora ~ VictoryTime!!

Greetings Love Beings!


Happy Friday To All, Thanking All Light Beings For The Wonderful Incoming Energies Global As We All Rise In Love Once More Hitting The Top Of The Apex Breaking All The “Rules” When We Are Together, Which Is Allways! Soon Time For That Global ZER(O) Point, (((ZERO BEING A NUMBER INVENTED BY THE PHOENICIANS, PERSONAL ANCESTORS OF MINE ;))) ~ Brought On By Mother OF New Creation When All Is Aligned Inside And Out! Oh!


Here Is A Re-Hearter For All In Creation, Namely Two Beings Who Now Know What I Am Referring To: “It Was Last December; I Booked A Hotel Room For Father Of All Creation, My True Twin, Who Obviously Took Another Feminine There For Work Matters As I Was In No Way Sense Or Form Near Ready For His Power At That Point ! They Were Unraveling The Last Of The New Creation Ignition Story, Role He Took On Since The Day He Walked In, Hugged Whatever Was In The Room From My Multi-Fragmented Self, And REAL*I*Zed That There Was Work To Do Before Anything~~! So He Had Me Give 7 Sessions A Day Covering Full Mother Of Creation Duties While He Was Leading The Feminine That Was Given The Power To Be In His Bed Into The Taste Of New Creation In Order To Ease Her Integration Process When It’s Finally Time For Him And I To Drive The Chariot Leading The Love Train Into Right Action Into New Creation! ~ Basically What They Discovered In The Hotel Room After Having Been Privy To Hearing ONCE a Seven Voice-Mail Occurrence From Mister Hollywood (*Also Knows As The Initial Father Figure Who Brought Me To USA And Anchored My Energies And Did Incredible Amounts Of Light Work With ME) On Her Phone With His Morphed Yelling Tone That Is Adopted After Midnight, And Having Gotten Visions Regarding Him, Was A Snake Like Energetic Formation Placed In The Ear Area Of Fems That Was Not Allowing Them Full Power Claiming. They Had Me Then And There In That Hotel Room Remove The Energetic Implant From Her And Send It To The Galactic Sun To Never Return Again.” After It Was Guided For Me To Leave Mission House While The Two Of Them Were Away, I Was Instructed To Transmute The Whole Mission House Experience By AAM, Which Took A While To Do So But Was Done. Until I Heard From Father In June 2017 Which Allowed All The Way To September 22, 2017 (Date Of Our Last Physical Meeting) To Transmute The Next Part Of Mission House Experience At Blue Spruce While He Had Physically Joined. Now That It Is All Transmuted There Is Nothing But Truth Left To Consume For All In Creation! // Reason Why this Is Mentioned Is Because This Is Now Occurring Once Again In Creation! Yeehawww And Such Love And Gratitude To Mother Of Creation For Taking This On And Still Relentlessly Keeping On Keeping On!

Here Is Also Another Point The Angels Have Been Reminding Me Of For A While That I Haven’t Had To Chance To “Privately” … (LOL) Mention To Father …. At Some Point At Blue Spruce As I Was Giving Sessions That Day When We Had A Flood In Your Quarters, And We Both Noted Down 3:33 In Our Journals Simultaneous. You Felt Something In The Field And So Did I And You Certainly Remember What It Was i Felt We Discussed In Meeting Right After.

Just Mentioning For Total Amends On The Field And Total Canceling Once More Of All Forces Trying Through Any Means To Divert The Direction Of The Divine Plan! MI RACCOMANDO Creation As The Stories Of Tricksters Are Many And I Will Dedicate Some Time To Sharing More Of Their Means When I Get Around To Breaking Totally Free From Whatever Remains Of That Energy! So See You All On The Flip Brighter Side! Enjoy The Videos Filmed This Morning And Thanks Again For Sending Love Light And Prayers To Mother Of Creation So She May Finally Snap Out Of That Dark Cloud Keeping Her In Secrecy, Fear, Shame, Pain, Dark Forces, Manipulation and Step Into Knowingness Of Her Full Power And Full Birth Rights!

Love You All With My All And Beyond And Always Have Compassion For The Dark Paths The Lightest Ones Are Contracted To Go On At Times For Their Power That Will Enable Them To Be Victorious And Rise Provided They Simply Keep Showing Up And Never Giving Up!