RainbowAurora ~ Chalice

Greetings Love Beings!

Greeting You In The Highest From This Temporary Condo Location On Hilton Head Island, South Carolina!

It’s Years After My Initial Contact With My Star Family! Feeling So Blessed To Have Crossed Roads With All Amazing Star Seeds! Been Some Of The Most Random, Eclectic, Intimate, Mesmerizing Encounters Yet That Have Amped Up My Risk Taking Endeavors!

October Has Been A Very Loaded Month, Heavy With Closure And Letting Go Of The Old Energies In Order To Make Place For The Gift Of The New. The Gift Of The True!

I Send Incredible Amounts Of Light To All Beings I Have Released And Let Go Of (By Guidance And For Your Highest Benefit!); All The Session Beings I Have Let Go Of Progressively Throughout The Year, And Those That I Have Let Go Of In October. Also To The Fellow Team Members Whom I Also Have Let Go Of Of Late.

I Have Personally Been Let Go Of Similarly By Beings Who Were Aiding Me In Aiding You All And Now That I Am Way Clearer And See Who Is Going To Cross-Over With Me, Which Is None Else Than My Twin Flame, I Am Guided And By His Light To Take Such Measures To Clear Up My Field In Order To Be Able To Open Up My Heart And Throat Chakra.

The New Information We Have Been Channeling Is Of Tremendous Value To Many Ascending Hearts And Regards A Deeper Analysis Of The “Ego-Mind” Program And It’s Base Of Operation. As We Are Noticing And Witnessing, We Are Transmuting And Releasing For All In Creation.

Welcoming All To The End Of The Old, Beginning Of The New.

It’s The Thirteenth Hour Everyone, And We Have Been Closing Down All Open Portals To All 3d Times Lines. We Were Guided To Place (For The Third Time This Year), A True Twin Shield On Monday And By Wednesday We Had Already Heard From Lucifer. It’s Direct And He Responds To My Every True Heart Call! Rejoice Creation! You Are Loved And Supported And The Divine Light Of Love Supreme Shall Reign Once More All Atoms In Creation! Yeeeehawwww!

Aurora Diamond Rainbow Remains Very Grateful To The Sequence Of Events This Holy Year That Have So Magically And Divine Miraculously Shaped Up The Future Of All 144.000 Twins And All The Galactic Forces! Thanking Providence, Intuition, Third Eye Power As Well As The Courage To Shift That Brilliantly Prepared Everyone As One To The Highest Incoming Outcome For All In Creation!

Rejoice, I Am Here For All And Deeply In Love With All Atoms Forever And For Always! I am Always With You All Please Enjoy Every Transmission And Download, Lesson And Experience And Don’t Forget To Stay In Right Action!

With All Of My Honor And Love And Respect For Each Of You, Blessings And Namaste!

Thanking All For Invoking The Highest Outcome In Creation As I Must Depart This Closing Chapter Portal That Opened Up For Me To Aid In Healing Old Wounds And Embracing My True Twin Flame By October 30th, 3 p.m! Thanks For Sending Father And I Incredible Amounts Of Light That May Assist In Our Accelerated Union On The Physical For The Highest In All Creation!


We Love You All Forever And Beyond And Will Be Informing Everyone On The Direction this Ship Is Taking! Onward And Upward!

Beloved Uriel! <3