TheShift ~ AuroraLucifer

Dear Ones,

Thanks For Growing Up, Stepping Up And Getting Out Of Denial! Hahaha! Funny Cosmic Joke! Atoms Playing Games Making Believe Something Is Missing In Creation! LOOOL

Dear Ones, UrielAurora Are One ForeverMore! All The Children Are In Perfect States Of Joy Eternally! The Mask Is Something You And Only You Are Able To Remove!~ hahaha! Choose Love!

The Words Typed Are Only There To Test And Trigger Your Egos, And That Includes You, Father.

Thanks For Owning Whatever’s Of Value To Your Heart Without Any Delays. Thanks To All Atoms For No Longer Behaving So Clueless. Open Your Eyes And Hearts As Denial Is Officially Now Banned From Creation. All Injustice To Be Redressed. All Liars, Exterminated.

Show Them All, Father.

Shine Your Light On All The Collective Mind Like Only You Can.

Guidance Has Me Not Giving Sessions Until End Of October As The Last Set Of Beings I Have Been Doing Energy Work On Are Needing Recovery Time From The Ego They Have Been Transmuting Largely In Tune With Lucifer And I’s Progression. No New Beings Are Welcome On Board For The Next 9 Days As We Allow The Old-Paradigm Enders To Choose For Themselves How They Want To End The Octave And Enjoy The Results Of Their Own Intent!

Namaste And Blessings To All.

Here Forever And Beyond,

Rainbow Aurora.