RainbowAurora ~ IlluminedHeaven



Greetings Love Beings!


Here’s A Quick Update For The Energetic Shifts Within The Last Couple Days: Keeping On Keeping On. Daily Yoga That Is Impossible To Miss. Brand New Dynamics Within A Space That Is “Oh So Familiar”. Just Speaking That Truth. Doesn’t Matter How Many Beings Around Attempting To Deter You From Your Authenticity. Only You Know You.

Humanity Has A Certain Perspective That Comes From a Sort Of Similar Point Of Being. What I Now Know Having Been On My Ascension Journey For Oh So Long, Having Done Some Self Work As Well, Is That The Point I Perceive Things From Is Different From The Point Other Beings Come From. This Has Freed Me And Allowed Much Forgiveness! In Truth You Also Come From A Place Of Love. So It’s All Good. It’s All Love!

The Whole 3D Matrix Program Begins And Ends At A Catch 22. False Sense Of Safety. Old-Paradigm Rules Are No Longer Valid.

Finding Myself After The Point Of No Return After I Have Let Go Of My Twin Flame, And Have Surrendered, I Have Found A New Level Of Freedom. Everything Is Now Possible And Beyond. Feminines. Be Selfish. Come First.

All Relationships Are Now Upgrading On All Levels. As We REALIZE How Worthy We Are, How Precious We ARe. Once We Value Ourselves, We Can BUT Attract Opportunities That Match Our Levels. No Matter How “Hard” It Might Get, How Many “Visions” And Flash Backs We Get From Our Dreams Of Togetherness, Please Just Keep On Loving Yourself So Deeply. We Have Tried To Be Together On The Physical And It Has Backfired Throughout Lifetimes. This Is Not Going To Shift Unless We Do As We Are All Noticing That The Masculine Twins Are Fighting Us And Therefore Resisting Themselves. Only We Can Break Out OF Conformity.

Feel It Within Your Heart…. As Mothergoddess8, My Sessions Now Are So Much More Inclusive. Everyone IS Welcome In New Creation. Love Wins All.

Please Dear Ones, Do Not Digress And Accept Less Than Your True Value Served Back At You!

At The Same Time, Allow That Heart To Melt Into The Love You Are. The Whole Atomic Constitution Is Catching On, Following Lucifer And My Encounters And Sudden Separations Repeatedly, Always Counter-Balanced By Archangel Michael!

We At Galactic Central Apologize For The Way Things Have Come About And All The Deep Work This Is Engendering For All. However It Is What It Is And In Order To Push For The New, All The Old Must Crumble !

We Love Our Divine Masculines Counter-Parts And Are Honored To Share That We Are In Right Action And Succeeding Our Missions To Love! We Love You So And Send You Some Of That Rainbow Magic .. Until We Meet Again!