RainbowAurora ~ TotalPlanetaryLiberation


Greetings Beloveds!

We Are Moving Fast On Up Home Into The Light! Here’s Another Blessings Charged Article For October 19th ~ Happy Birthday Mother-Gaia, Gaia-Aurora, Holy-Spirit! Thanks For Maintaining And Thanks For Breathing. Thanks For My Physical Birth And All My Blessings, Lessons And Experiences. Thanks For All The Astral Help And All My Guardian Angels!

Let’s Put It This Way: For The Cabal Manufactured Bugs That Are Wired To Steal Information Alongside The Whole Tech Infiltration And Mind-Control Techniques To Disempower The Light … For One Of Your Bugs Are Thousand Island Butterflies .. Love Winning Every Round! Whoop!


Thanking All Beings Choosing Love! Thanking All Ascended Hearts Who Don’t Give Up Until Full Awakening! Thanking All In Creation For The Upcoming FULL PLANETARY LIBERATION!

Thanking My Twin For Showing Up And Stepping Up! Thanking Rainbow Angels For Providing Safe Homes And Being SO Courteous! Thanking Humanity For All The Nutritious Meals Daily And The Yoga And Beach Love! I Love You All So!

Thanking All My Infinite Options For November, Including A Place In Shasta Which I Have Been Slow On Moving Towards For The Simple Reason That My Dream On March 7th Following My Contract Signing Said Father Was Bringing Me Back Home Into The Light. Just Going There Myself Would Defy The Whole Purpose Which I Will Not Be Audacious Enough To Go Ahead With. I Am Here And Grateful To Be Hearing Back From My Twin Flame Soon To Co-Ordinate New-Creation Ignition For The Highest Benefit Of All In Creation.

In Highest Honor, Respect, Light Love And Gratitude.

Aurora Diamond Rainbow