RainbowAurora ~ SeaSideGlory



Greetings Beloveds Of The Love And Light!


Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora Currently In Super Love Mode As The Rainbow Angels Are All Uniting Hearts For The Rising Of Divine Feminine Mother Essence In Glory And Victory!

Aurora Is Proud Of Each Heart, As Well As Grateful, For Your Standing By The Truth And Light, And Seeing My Love Throughout The Whole “Targeted Individual” Ordeal!


We Have Made It Loves! ~~~ No Million Demons Can Stand In The Way Of Love! Beatings, Rapes, Repeated Identity Thefts, Drugged Drinks, Repeated Stolen Phones, People From The Shadow Government Spreading False Rumors. My Email, Skype, Facebook, Whole Mac System And Phone, Tracked; Random Calls From Suspicious Numbers. People Following Me Around Into Restaurants Ordering The Same Food I Order Times Fifteen For A To Go Order?! Them Attempting To Get In The Way Of Truth, Love, Health. Attempting To Destroy My Sexual Reproductive Organs. Destroying My Life Using Reputation And Terrorist Techniques. Isolating Me. Repeatedly.

This Mind Terrorism Has Been War On Humanity. Jobs Who Don’t Pay. Taking Advantage Of  My Sexuality And Loving Innocence. Trying To Destroy Me Further By Playing Victim Themselves. Attempting  To Separate My Twin Flame And I Repeatedly.


I Cut Chords With All The Criminals.


The Love Train Is On Full Speed, All The Rainbow Angels No Seat Belts On Screamin’ Yeeeehawwwww ! High Levels Of Joy As Island Delight Rises More In Love Everyday As Aurora Brushes Of All Mis-projections !

Island Light Family Reconstituted, Wonderful Vibes, Love And Acceptance And Transcendence ~ Thanks To All Angels I Am So in Super Love With Your Wonder! You Light Me Up!

Thanks To Lucifer Father Of All Creation For His Illuminating Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora ~ I Love You So Honey!


Sooooo Much More Is To Come For All, Infinite Surprises Of Love To ALL Who Choose Love!


Infinitely Yours, Holy-Spirit, Gaia-Aurora, Mother-Earth, Mother-God, AuroraDiamondRainbow