RainbowAurora ~ TheBigO

October Oh ~ WOW

The Theme Set For The Year Has Been Self-Love. It First Began December 2016; I Was Revealed By Hearing The Name Aurora LOUD AND CLEAR In My Brain And Being Shown Who I Am Exactly And What My Mission Is By A Certain Divine Masculine Who Happened To Be In The Room. Right Following This Event, I Started To Rise High And Fast Having Been Called To The Shasta Area After June 3, 2016, Date When A Call Was Sent Out From Thelos To The 144,000 To Begin Again At The Beginning .

Adama From Thelos Had Been Showing Up For Me Since 2015; He First Did When I Was With A Divine Masculine In Deep Ego That Would Leave Me Home Alone And Use Affirmations On His Where Abouts That I Would Never Question (Why Bother! + Rainbow Sword) To Then Find Out He Was Lying To Me Seeing Other Women.

What That Did For Me However Taking Daily Walks In The Freezing Cold To The May River, Was Start To Connect Me To My Star Family Huge Time.

Adama Showed Up Alongside This Other Being Who Opened My Heart Back To Arctus, My Original Home. Going Alien Felt So Good After Years Of Forcing Myself To Like Humanity Since Birth In A War Setting Where Nothing Ever Seemed In Right Action Around Me, And Where I Was So Indignated By The Atrocities And Spoke Out To Be Disciplined And Silenced By Adults Who Thought They Knew Better And I Never Heeded.

These Patterns Occurred On File Repeat Mode Until I Went All Space And Was Able To Sit In A Room Or In the Face Of A Being And Literally NOT be There. I Was Able To Place My Eyes In An Angle That Would Allow Space Travel And I Would See Circular Orbs (Several Circles Within Each Other Perfectly Centered) Flow Downwards As I Gazed Straight Beyond The Veil And Was Revealed Information As The Being Was Entertaining Earthly Topics I Had Zero Interests In And Mostly Didn’t Even Hear.

Being So Different From The Other Kids Since Birth And Having Urges To Write Light Language Scripts Under The Spooky Tree Down The corner Of My Hill House, At Night And Only Befriend The ‘Special Ones’ For Short Amount Of Time As The Exchange Always Happened So Quick And I Was Once Again Ready For More Intelligence To Be Met With Never Quite Broke Down My Self-Love.

What Did Was Accepting To Please The Surrounding Masculines While I Was Not In Another World By Giving Them The Sense Of Having Power-Over Me Which They Craved Just to Get Rid Of Their Neediness To Be Able To Disconnect And Go Be Where It Feels So Fantastic…

With The Years, I Understood More And More How Messed Up Matters Really Are For The Most Part Amongst Humans With The Chains That Link Them And Was Attempting To “Secure” A Place In The World Having To Deal With Government Legalization Issues As I Moved Around The Globe Quite A Lot.

This Had Me Consciously Have To Give My Power Away And Erase Myself To Please Masculine Ego (I Was Not In A Position Where I Could Discipline Their Utter Mess Not Having The Papers Needed To Stand My Ground And Be My Own Person.)

Those Experiences Of Deliberately Accepting To Diminish Myself Had Me Disconnect with The Physical World As Well As With Humanity At Large And Go Into Lots Of Stratas To Clear And Dissolve. Space And Time Travel Have Always Been Wonderful Tools For Me To Make Amends On Planes And I Discovered That Placing Myself In Situations Of Extreme Survival Mode Was Actually Pretty Conducive To Possibilities Of Being Revealed More Astral Info And Seeing Visions Of Matters And Happenings To Make Amends Quicker. I Enjoyed My Dimensionality.

Loving Myself Was Never Something I Did Not Feel. IT Was Mostly Taking On Other Being’s Self Hatred That They Projected On Me And Would Have Me Leave Their Space Also Under The Umbrella Of Falsehood And Projection.

The Last Being Who Said I Needed To Love Myself Went So Deep That I Had To Feel His And His Every Connection’s Deepest Feelings About All And Everything Including Feeling Every Intimate Encounter Him Or His Clique Were Having Right As They Were As This Is One Of My Abilities As Well Which Is Sometimes More Of A Challenge Than A Blessing; I Am Sitting In A room And All Out Of Nowhere Start To Feel Deep Inner Heat Sensations And Can Almost Know Who Is Inside Whom (That Regards Me In That Present Moment) And How That Feels And That Is Sometimes Able To Drive Me To The Edge So Learning Self-Mastery Has Been Huge This Year.

This Month, October, Has High Pink Amethyst Love Frequencies And I Am Able To Affirm That The Self-Love Potential Is So High It’s Of Divine Proportions.

Dear Ones! Tap Into How Great It Feels To Be Inside A Beautiful Body, So Intricate And Perfect In Design And In Such A Perfect World Where It All Is Exactly What You Wish It To Be!

Make A Wish Upon A Star Beloveds, Upon That Brilliantly Shiny Morning Star~!

Love You All, Have A Wonderful Wednesday!

The Company Of Heaven Is At Hot Yoga 8:00 am Today And Arial Yoga 6:00 p.m . Feel Free To Show Up To All Light-Workers In My Vicinity! Love To Win Amongst My Favs !