RainbowAurora ~ NewRulesNoRules

Greetings Dear Ones I Am Aurora,

Thanking All Earth Angels For The Many Compliments And Super Kindness And Generosity I Am Being Privy To Daily!

Having Let Go Of Mission “Investigating Lucifer” Knowing There Is One Last Being That Is High Intelligence And Made My Heart Go Numb And My Breath Stop Just Reading His Love Message The Day I Got My Contract Signed, Is Enough Hope For Humanity And To Keep Me Standing Strong For All In Creation.

The Next Octave I Have been Asked To Handle For Many Months Now Going Back All The Way To The Day I Was Driven Away By Cab In Shasta By A Divine Feminine In A Same Sex Partnership, Is The Whole Notion Regarding The Possibility Of Same Sex Twins;

I Was Put In Council Last Night Having Had To Deal With One Of My Potential Twin Flames Potentially Being Entertaining Same Sex Partners, And Now Being Presented With A First Waver Divine Fem Session Also Sharing Herself With Same Sex Partner. The Council Was Clear; Open The Damn And Let Them Have Their Cakes And Eat It Too.

They Want A Horse As A Twin Flame. Granted. They Want 5 Guys As Twin Flames. Go For It Tiger ….

The Other Route Would Be to Stick To High Levels Of Perfection And Integrity . Disciplining Humanity Is Feasible For Mother Of Creation. Piece Of Cake They Love To Be Told How To Be Every Moment.. They Love To Hear It From Me. They Love To Please Me. Their Joy Is My Highest Joy. Win Win Situations!

Who Wants That Though … Be Free And Take Responsibility For Your Choices. Ain’t Here To Tell Anyone Outside Myself Anything Really Whatsoever.

Twins Have To Comprehend Their Importance In Bringing On The Light. Regardless Your Differences Dear Ones, Just Being In The Same Space And Working Through them While MAKING LOVE EVERYDAY AT LEAST ONCE A DAY, Is The Only Sure Way To Reverse The Cabalistic Super-Imposed Darkness.

All The Twins In Separation, Ghosting, Stupidity, Retardation, Karmics, Addictions.. And Whatever Else.. Are Being Out Of Right Action. That Includes And Begins With Father OF All Creation And I Apologize On His Behalf For Setting A Phony  Example. It Does Take Two To Tango And Set The Example Right However I Will Take It Upon Myself To Be So Total For You All And Fill Up The Void With My Totality. Who Knows; They Say He Shouldn’t Be Long… They Who? He Who? I Am Here, Flesh Blood Bones, Soul And Heart In Service To All Until Forever And Beyond!

Sending Out Healing Frequencies To All In Creation, Starting With Father OF All Creation.

Thanks For Your Service To All My Beloved Archangels. I Love Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora With My All.

I Pledge Allegiance To My Mission To Love And I Am Grateful To Succeed Uniting Heaven And Earth.

Letting Go Letting God ~

((ps, In Truth, New Rules Are Already Set. It’s Called

AWOL= A WAY OF LIFE)) We Get There Another Day 😉