RainbowAurora ~ Cupid’sArrow!


Greetings Love Beings !

I Am Aurora Your Mother Of New Creation!

Today’s Guidance Has Me Tackle The Topic Of Being A “Targeted Individual”, Meaning Be Hacked Into By Several Agencies And Countries On Several Levels In Certain Ways Designed To Make You “A Threat” To Your Surroundings Because Of Your Levels Of Freedom And Love ((The True American Spirit, Scary To Most White And Black And Asian And Whatever Program Out There…)) ..


So They Take Your Energy And Send Energy Hackers Around You As Well As Target Your Technological Devices. Also Tap Into You Psychically And Translate Your Information In A Negative Light To Scare Your Community And Government Away From Granting You Any Right In Order For Your Message Of Peace And Love To Never Get Out ….

The Jesus Thing, On And On…

Stay Brave Dear Ones As We Cancel Out The “Targeted Individual Program” As Well As All The Implants And Substances Administered Freely Without The Being’s Conscious Consent.


Justice Please.

Thank You Father Of All Creation.