DimaTabrawi ~ AuroraDiamondRainbow

Greetings Love Beings! Thanks For Reading These Lines As The Process Of Crucifixion And Rebirth Going Through The Chrysalis Has Been Pretty Taxing To Say The Least! LOL

Dima Was A Cool Outgoing Girl For The Most Part, Trouble Maker Perfectionist, Unable To Ever Participate In That Game Called Life In Any Way Relatable. One Day At 23 Skidoo She Meets One Of Her Significant Others She Couldn’t Bypass Whatsoever And He Was The Death Of Her. Her  Childhood Life Long ‘friends’ Would Call Him Her Drug Addiction. They Made Up All Sorts Of Crazy Stories About That Love. She Let Them All Go Without One Look Back. He Was Her All And Her Everything And Beyond. In Crazy Ways. They Were The D&D Octave. Inseparable 24/7. All Their Facets Had A Match In One Another And They Were Most Definitely Highest Levels Of Beyond Insanity Love.

Her Own Father Spoke Her Dead. He Affirmed To All The Community That Dima Is Dead. Dima And Her Dad Didn’t Talk For 4 Years Or So. She Then Took A Plane, Took The Pill And Did What She Needed To ‘Reconcile’. Signed Stupid Papers At Stupider Lawyers Saying I Am Such A Bad Bad Girl And Deserve A Spanking; Went To Stupid Therapists who Ended Up Receiving 5d And Beyond Upgrades For All The Rest Of Their Patients Through Me (And I Never Got Payed). Had To Play Along A Really Dumb Scenario Whereby I Wasn’t Allowed To Go To My Own Home And Visit My Sick Mom Listening To The Most Absurd Stuff By Lawyers And Family On That Matter. And So Much More Insane Stuff While Transitioning The Whole Zone Into 5D And Beyond While Making Believe I Am There To Conform To Their Dumb Agenda. Playing Dumb Is One Of Dima’s Greatest Assets.

Took Years. Endless Hours On The Floor Weeping Wondering Why In The World Jesus Doesn’t Just Take Me Away. Dima Had Tried All Religions Literally, Wholeheartedly And Insanely, As Well As The Non-Godly Ones. She Practiced All Sorts Of Alternative Healing Techniques And Spent Months In Fasting And Meditation In Result Of This Deep Crisis. Painted, Danced All Night Long, Went Into Rituals, Worship, And All The Rest Of The Good Stuff.

She Morphed So Impeccably To Please the Shady Family Stuff That Was One Sided And Weird As Fuck All The Way Till She Engaged This One Guy And Brought Him Back Home For Christmas. This One Guy Who Was Not David. And They Didn’t Let Him And I Either Go To My Mom. So Basically The Guy Pretty Quick Got Tired And Selfish And Soon As We Landed He Was Inside Other Chicks Pretty Quick After Once Again We Had Completely Made A Home Together. Dima Left One Morning At 3:00 am And Went Back To David Under A No Intimacy Rule To Try And Make A Business Collaboration Finally Possible. NOT. So She Painted, Danced, Made Food, Loved, Roller-Bladed, Gym N Pool And One Night She Is Online And Gets All These Invites To Join In A Chat Room …….




To Her Surprise, This Parallel Alternate Reality Had A Chick Call Herself What She Came to The United States To Be … Dima Had Started In 2008 While Working As An Art Director At JWT KWT To Receive On Her Screen Articles by Karen Bishop Telling Her She Was To Be The Leader For A New World Alongside Her Lover. All Of A Sudden She Got Guidance To Go Back Home, Buried Her Grandmother (In A Pretty Dramatic Way Let’s Just Keep It At That For Now), Had David Appear On Her Screen And Was Told By Her Personal Astrologer He Would Be The One. So She Decides To Go And She Was Greeted At The Airport With 2 Rings And Flowers. He Had Prepared A Temple Inside His Home=Temple Ashram For Her. He Called Me Goddess, Beloved And Was So Incredible Like No Man Had Ever Behaved Prior To That Around Me. He Was Fearless And Bold. He Was In Service To Love. He Was My King. I was His Queen. We Were Love.

They Threw Tomatoes, Eggs, Stones At Our Love. They Fucked Us Up And Told Us To Get Fucked Hard. No-One Celebrated Me. Not A Soul. So He Was My Everything. My Life. My Love. I Told The Dumb Therapist When Her First Question Was: “What Would You Do If I Told U There Is No David In This World”. I Said I Would Die And I Weeped.


And I Did. I Died. Dima Tabrawi Is No Longer. Rejoice Dear Old-Paradigm! You Won. You Get Your Cake And Please Down It Deep Down That Throat. Call The Lawyers And Take The Money And Create A Money Chamber Like Uncle Scrooge And Go Swim in There Altogether. You Payed For It. You Payed All Your Money To Lawyers And Therapists And You Spoke The Words Dima Is Dead. It Now Happened. Congrats. Daddy. You Did IT!


So Back To The Chat Room… An Alternate Reality. A Bunch of 200 Kids Saying They Are 5d And Beyond. And I’m Reading the Stuff And Going. NOPE. You Simply Ain’t. That’s NOT How It Works. So They Get Me In There As “The Duchess” And I Am Typing In Response Non Stop Till 3 am As Well As Made Alliances In There All the Way To Creating A Four-Way Meditation Sending In Galactics Through My Mom To The House Of The Future.

They Blocked My URL As I Was Not Their Usual Sheep; I had Literally For Years Studied In depth All The Books Out There About Mother Of Creation And All That Jazz And Was Told By Several Presently Still Alive As My Witnesses Mystics And Leaders For New World That I Was It. I Never Really Took Any Of It For Face Value And Was Still Fighting For Love. Until That Day. Someone Was Making Believe They Are Me.

That Was The Line That Needed To Be Drawn In The Sand.


As A matter Of Fact, The Next Morning David Wakes Up And Is Not Able To Reverse The Energies On Me As He Did To Make Chick Of Me. So He looks Me In The Eye And Asks Me To Go. So I Do.


That’s When My Hotel Self-Awakening Journey Began. All Alone Finally For The First Time Ever In The United States. I Spent My Hours In Meditation And Looking Up All The Most Advanced Spiritual Beings And Groups Online And Studying Them All And Investigating All Of It.


I Had My First Spiritual Surgery. Started To Give Sessions. The Angels Created Business Cards For Me. Then A Website They Called www.lovedima.com. Then I Was Guided To Take A Plane To Beirut. From There I Got My Second Surgery. Back To Hilton World And In August 2016 Third Surgery. After Years Of Working Through Differences, I Was Invited To Join This Spiritual Group On Location.


Wrote Articles And Filmed Videos For New Creation. Gave 7 Sessions A Day Global For 3 Months. At The End Of That Journey, I Was Dancing One Night And My Higher Self Finally Revealed Her Name To Me.


That Was The Beginning… Of The Whole New Octave. They Sent Me Back To The Ocean. And Had Me Re-Shape My DNA Once More To That New Knowingness Octave. Remained Divine Masculineness For A While, While Making Space For My higher Self To Fully And Clearly Integrate. Progressively My Naturalization Process Is Taking Place And On October 9 2017  (My Birth Parents Wedding Date 🙂 ) Sent Out Additional Forms To The USA Gov To Confirm The Name Change And ….


It’s Been Interesting To Walk Dima To Her Cross And Now Watch Aurora Begin Again At The Beginning!


WOW ~ Thanking All My Haters, Betrayers, Murderers, Liars. And Killers. Thanks Loves.



We Send The Horns Back to the Devil .. In Italy.


Before Her Coma At 42 My Mom Said To Me I Was Like Her But Stronger. She Wrote A Note She Left On A Flower-Pot Saying: “To My Princess And God Knows How Princess She Is To Me And How Much To This World She Will …”