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wassup shehrazad

Oh Cut It Out Pocahontas !

Then Here Comes Le Grand Mechant Loup . And All The Clowns . Thinking They Are Making Chick Of You … Excuse Me ? You Who Again > Thinking Who What When Where Again ? No Us. No Them; CIA Monitoring Russian Intelligence Using Who What When Where ?


Hi CIA Wassup . Send Me Your CEO Have Him Call . Glad I Amused You! There Is An Easier Way To Tap Into Foreign Intelligence But That’s All New Rules Golden Age; Way Over The Top Stuff For You …


Archea Aurora Currently Working On Stabilizing New Age Transcript As Several Topics Need Revision (Not In My Personal Opinion But The Millennials Seem Pretty Damaged On Common Sense, Common Curtesy, Common Decency Matters>> No Big Deal But The Revisions Are Mainly Tackling The Same Sex Relationships OR Beings Of The Same Sex Now Leading The World Into Believing in Same Sex Twin Flames Which IS So NOT In Alignment With The Company OF Heaven’s Initial Blue-Print ~ We Will Be Taking A Minute To Reassess That Topic As The First Thing Noticed While Giving Sessions From Shasta Cali Was That Beings Who Called Back 10 Days After Their Surgeries For A Follow-Up That Chose To Remain With Their Same Sex Partner Actually Decreased In Consciousness. The Twins Are Still In Separation Due To The Huge Imbalance Currently Witnessed On The Collective Regarding This Topic ~


I Personally Am Unable To Answer Questions On This Matter Until I Get Full Disclosure On Having Been Made An Experiment Out Of . By Fools. Who Just Got Closed Down Anyway .

How Will The Golden Age Unfold … 😉 Watch n Learn Babies