MotherOfCreation ~ CompanyOfHeaven

Greetings Beloveds ! Noticing The Increased Levels Of Consciousness And Heightened Love Quotient As Well As Compassion On Nova Gaia Is Like No Other. Staying In Highest Levels Of Joy As Well As Activating our Angels (Which Are In Fact None Else Than DNA Strands) Through Love And Gratitude Is A Certain Fast-Track To Maintaining The Dream we Are Co-Creating. I Love To See You All So Brilliantly Perfect, Highest Honors, Integrity, Progression, Advancement, Freedom, Consciousness, Honesty, Impeccability, Focus And to Share Moments With All.

Thanks For Showing Up Today At Bikram Yoga 10:00 a.m! We Did So Wonderful In There Bringing On Heaven Energies Grounding It All Into Nova-Gaia-Aurora! Welcoming Shiela Benson Home Into The Light Today With Super Great Potential! WOW ! Thanks To Miss Crystal Cordoba For Your Successful Surgery As Well As Fast Upgrades Noticed Daily. Thank You Dave Allen For Getting A Follow Up From Your Jail Cell And Allowing The Light To Light Up The Underground Realities. Thanks To Kaitlen Jane Groetzinger For Following Through With Melting down All Ego Since Your Surgery Early This Year! Thanks To Brandon Irvin For Choosing Love And Light And Getting Your Surgery On Despite The Contra Noticed In The Field! Thanks For Your Courage Rainbow Renegade Heart And For Keep On Keeping On, As Well As Your Standing By The Company Of Heaven And Your Referrals! Thanks To Marah Leigh Smith For Your Beyond Amazing Fast Progress. Thanks To William Forsyth For Your Surprising Abilities To Tap In And Transmute And Be In Service To The Light Even More Impeccably Since Your Surgery ! WOOOOHOOOOOO  ~ Thanking Lee Wood For His Initial Rainbow Portal Admission Back On The Island As Well As Taking On The Surgery And Leading On The Whole Place Into A More Progressive Octave ! WOW ~~ Thanking Mr. Grizzly Renegade Glory Tennessee For Taking Nashville To The Step Beyond After Your Surgery.

Thanking All Previous Sessions Given Since 2015 On Hilton Head As Well As 2016 In Shasta. Thanking All That Are Not Mentioned Here As Well And Who Have Invited In Your Surgeries! Thanks For Being So Open When It Comes To Anchoring The Light! Thanks For Commanding Atoms Around You In RIGHT ACTION! Thanks For Reclaiming Your Full Power! Thanks For Stepping Up! Thanks For Being HEROES! ((4:20)) ~ My FAVORITE CHAMPIONS !! WOW


I Love You All With My All And We Soon Are Developing Diplomas/Certificates To Be Sent In Alongside Your Transcripts For Keepers!


Woohooo! Winning Winning All As One ! Love You All With My All You Are The Apple Of My Eye