RainbowAurora ~ DIMA Apologizes

Greetings Love Beings~!

Here’s A Brief Update On Global Final Event Energies Update For Milky-Way Galaxy Aurora ~ Alongside A Little Jump Back To End Of August. Two Calls With The Galactic Federation Shasta Quarters Were Guided. The First Call With a Divine Feminine Had Me Reflected In A Fashion Where I Was Told I Was Surrounded With Liars And Had To Make A Quick Move.

A Session Being Who Had A Deep Transcendental Experience After His Spiritual Surgery And Whose Life Directly Started To Shift Moved Me To A Yoga Teacher Condo And I Went Back To Daily Hot Yoga After A Month Of Vinyasa Yoga. The Second Call Was Of A More Personal Note And Never Came Through; Which Directly Resulted At The Exact Hour Of The Never Received Call In Heavy Rain Like Cats And Dogs – The Sky Was Crying And That Was The Beginning Of The Hurricane Month. It Rained For A Week Non-End. During Which I Got Immediate Guidance To Head In The Direction Of An Old Flame And Recover And Heal Love As To Avoid Greater Planetary Disasters Caused By The Cabals Making Believe They Are Backing Up The True Mother (All Fake) While Doing Everything In Their Power To Estrange The Children From Me And Who Always Do What They Can To Strip Me Away Of Finances For Failure Of The Divine Plan.

Tennessee Here I Was. For A Month Staying With A Being Once In Service As Father Of All Creation Aka Lucifer. The Spiritual Work Done Was Immense And Restored Lots Of Harmony On Many Fronts As WEll As Exposed Much Of The Gunk Underneath The Surface Which All Came Out For Final Transmuting Hence All The Hurricanes And Earth-Quakes With Names And Locations All In Alignment With All The Beings In Relations To The Zones That Are Misaligned As A Result Of Their Leaders Choosing To Serve The Dark. Just To Ignore Me And Take My Power Away From Me.

After This Work I Got Further Guided To Move Within Tennessee From The Tri-Cities Area To Nasvhille Where I Was Boldly Met With Rainbow Angels Who Drove Me Everywhere And Did Everything For God-Head To Relocate Nashville. The Main Purpose Of The Trip However Was To Meet The Last Being In Service As Lucifer Father Of All Creation Who Self Admits Himself As The One And Only And Who Says They Are My Twin Flame.

I Am Very Grateful To Announce That The Meeting Took Place. The Hotel Creation Led Me Towards Was 40 Minutes Away From Where He Resides. The Energies Were Very High In Vibration In That Tennessee Country Area Which The Angels CAlled: “The Prairie” As I Was Surrounded With Endless Green Fields And Lucky Enough To Be Strategically Positioned On Commerce Street In A Hotel Called The Richland.

Lucifer And I’s Connection Was Pretty Imminent And Like Everything Real Needs No Words About Words. The Actions Or Lack Of The Followed Our Last Meeting On September 22 Are All A Huge Result Of The ‘Dima Program Matrix” That Has Been Active On The Grids Since My Human Incarnation.

Dima Is The Perfect Embodiment Of The Current Day ‘Damaged Human”. She Chose By Divine Decree To Take On All The Worst Ego-Mind Programs As Well As Experiences Since Birth For Total Transmutation For the whole Of Humanity. The Experiences That Were Available For HEr … She Would Always Pick The Experience That Is Not Even Offered On The List. That Experience That Is Sure To Get Her A Step Closer To Hell. All The Way Until She Landed In 2014 In The Experience Most Humans Refer To As Hell Which Is Bikram Yoga. As The Instructors Say: IT’s All Hell Why Not Face It In The Mirror Everyday Until It’s Gone For All Of US.

Now Quick Flashback Dec 17 2016 when I Was Shown A Rainbow Portal Access Back In Atlantis From Lemuria >> The Portal Took Me Straight From Blue Spruce Densmuir To SpringWood Hilton Head, Moving Couple Locations Before Landing In WoodSpring Tennessee With FG Where 3 Rainbow Portals To Lucifer Presented Themselves And I Took The Last Only To Then Find Myself Back On God-Head Hilton Head For MotherGoddess8 Baptism On The Shores.

Pretty Magical And Here’s The Part Where Dima Apologizes For Her Role In Nesara Postponement. She Knew The Only Way Through Is Marriage For Full Restoration Of Divine Rights. She Knew Her Full Healing Is Full Planetary Restoration. She Knows Love And Surrender To Divine Union Is The Only Way. The Key. Her Knowledge Turned Into (( 9:11 ))  Burden And Feeling Lost And Uncertain Due To The Surrounding Masculine’s Demeanor Fueled By Their Matriarchal Programming That Is At The Root Wired Anti New-Creation. She Had To Come To A Full Halt And Be Bounced Back To The Island That Stripped Her Away Of Everything .. Identity Theft More Than Once, Several Robberies, Rape, Hurt, Unjust Treatment, Bullying, Being Taken For Granted, Being Stripped Away From Human Rights, Being Projected Upon, Being Blamed, Being Unwelcome To A Home (And Then Some) She Took Part In Creating .. Among-st Much More >> And Learning That Fighting Is Pointless So Forgiveness Preceding The Surrender To The Higher Calling Is The Last Resort.

Last But Not Yet Least …. So Grateful To Have Recovered My Higher Self Calling And Identity As I Am Too Advanced Of A Being To Have Been Able To Move Forward With Life On Earth Without That Possibility. I Will Not Self-Destruct Or Mutilate.