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Greetings Love Beings,

Archea Rainbow Aurora, Tuesday October 3 2017, Goddess Crib, Hilton-Head Island, South Carolina! Thanking my Many New Rainbow GORGEOUS Angels Booking Sessions! WOW

The Most Amazing Flash-Backs Came Through During Hot Yoga Practice Tonight!

Grateful For This Platform And Creative Outlet To Share Personal Experiences For The Highest Benefit Of All As Guided! Taking You All Back In Time To The Time I Was Still A Teenager And Following My Break-Up With My First High-School Love, Michael 112233..!!

I Was Young Winner Miss Popular Beauty In Wonderland Queen And Was Beyond Devastated After Been The Most Joyful And Radiant Shining Beacon Of Light, Example And Teacher Of Love To All My Generation Having Taken Trips To Paris Like Lovers Never Have Yet And So Much More So Young … Then Having Erroneously Lost My Virginity To Him After Having Precisely Asked Him To Not Go There Unless We Go Through An Altar Ceremony…

We Had Both Drank Red Wine, Were In His 4×4 And It Happened On The Side Of A Road . Things Were So Hot And Absurdly Wet And He Suddenly Pulled Up His Liquidy Hand, Turned On The Light And To My Surprise There Was Blood .. Including the Whole Leather Seat As Well As Floors.

My First go To Response Was Saying I was Sorry That I Hadn’t Told Him I was Getting My Period. I Knew What Had Happened But In My Heart It Was Not Right. It Had Shattered My World Of Waiting For Prince Charming To Put A Ring On It. So i Lied. And I Prolonged The Lie For A Couple Months Then At Some Point I Became Very Sad To Be In Constant Denial And Watch Us Both Pull Apart. I Decided to Confess The Truth Which Had Him Closest To me for A While, And Engage In More Of That Love Potion … Until It Was Decreed By His Maternal Authority That I Was To Be Deserted For Reason Of his Masters Degree Abroad.

Tears Inundated The Parking Lot Of The Mall Where He Announced The News; He Was Crying Too Saying He Would Always Love Me. Our Bond Went So Deep, Us Being So Super Beautiful Crazy Young Love In Sync And The Envy Of All Our School, as Well As Him Being The Man Present As My Love While My Mother Transitioned Into Her Comatose State; His Father Being Her Eye Doctor And Having Witnessed Her Morphed Shape, Us Sharing Same Cliques And Circles And Being Into The Same Activities .. We Were Inseparable And He Was My Dream Of True Love Come True Very Early On.

I Was Filled With Shame, Guilt, Fear, Extreme Self-Loathing, Anger, Utter Disbelief, Disappointment. Lucky For Me, I Had One Half Italian Female Rainbow Angel Caroline, Whom I Was Able To Share This With As I Was Practically One Of The First Feminines To Lose My Virginity At 17 In the Zone where That Took Place.

The Next Thing I Found Myself Doing Was Contact One Of My Masculine Rainbow Angels Elie And ask Him To Pick Me Up Pronto. I Made A Pact With Myself And Went to Get My Belly Button Pierced As A Sign Of, Being Highly Conscious And A Yogi Since Birth _ That Device Changing The direction Of The Chi As Well As Getting In The Way Of Smooth Touching My Own Tummy_ A New Form Of Self-Preservation Technique.

A Few Years Later, And After Having Already Had A Second Sexual Encounter With R; fascinating Being Just Landed From Los-Angeles With A Magnanimous Megalomaniac Personality He Could Totally Back-Up And Mirror-Me Wonderfully. Up On The Enth Floor Of His Business District Bureau Tower Hanging Head Forward From The Window In High Knee-High Black Boots Over Torn-Up Denims And An Ed-Hardy ROARING Tiger Black-Tee, He Went Inside Me Once 2 years After The Michael Experience And I was In Tears Over His Beautiful Bold Head When We Moved the Action To him Being Seated On his Leather Desk Chair.

He Felt Water Drops, Looked Over And Decided To no Longer want To Be Involved With Me Sexually Whatsoever. That Tore Me Apart As I Was Insane About The Man, Me Being From A Tiny Little Place Where The Possibilities Of Mating Are Quite Rare And One Directly Knows When They Hit The Niche Of What Resonates With Their Own Environment. He Got Me A Cat, A Rabbit And Had Me Sit For Dinner With His Legendary Grandmother, Him Being From Royal Ancestry. I Played The Role Of Bridging Him To The Whole Lebanese Young IT ‘Creme De La Creme’ Strata As This Was Part Of My Mission.

Short After, He Went To Los Angeles To See His Ex, Then Started To See Other Women And That’s When I Went Muslim Having Burnt Out My Christian Options. As Well As Leaving The Country Altogether To Kuwait For A Fascinating Job Offer I Got Thinking That Money Focus Was About To Change My Destiny…

Going Back To The Piercing Story! As I Was Finalizing My Bachelor’s Degree In Graphic Design, I Was Guided Into A Thesis In Conceptual Art Having Started To See Auras And Be Able To Go Into Past Life-Time Regression For Beings By Simply Looking At Found Photos In The Flea Market ..

I Felt Like I would Go Into Movie Directing, And Spent My Whole Hours Watching Movie After The Other. From Legendary European Directors Such As David Lynch, Ingmar Bergman, As Well As Several Other Big Classics. Swallowing The Movies, Pausing, Taking Note In My Black Book, Noting The Script, Drawing Scenes, Downing Wine Bottles And Making Pasta Dishes For Myself Relentlessly While Reading Volumes Of Sartre, Freud, Even Went Marquis De Sade Very Early On, And Began To Fall In Love With These Men As My Soul Mates. Having Willingly Disconnected From The Masculine Physical Aspect Except For One Being Who Had Connected With Me At Hello And With Whom We Started The Hippest Beer Company In The Middle East Under The Israeli Bombs Making Love (Also Mus, Same Name As The Other Being) ..

Upon My Going Muslim, New Doors Of Expansive Possibilities Opened For Me And I Got Recruited To Work With That Soul Mate Of Mine (Whom I Was Guided To Not Have Intercourse as This Doesn’t Sit Well with Me when It’s Not In Totality Especially that we Were Work Mates) In Advertising As He Is One Of The Top Movie Directors In That Area. I Went From Being Total Space Cadette Super Ungrounded, To Winning The Pitch For Exxon Mobile For JWT Offices Worldwide By Using A Very Basic Heart Based Concept. Matter Of Fact, Everything I Ever Did From My Heart Got Me Quite Far.

Oh Straying Again .. So Back To The Piercing Story {Post Michael} .. I Was Sitting One Night Watching ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ And One Of The Scenes Had Me Totally Panicked And I Felt Like This Piercing Was Keeping Me In the Devil’s Advocate Zone So I Took A New Vow And Removed It then And There.

Why I Am Guided To Mention Those Events Is Because Years Later, After I Made The Total Shift Into A Total New-Paradigm Protagonist, Which Actually Began While Working In Media (Reading All Sorts Of Articles Online Popping Up In My Face By Karen Bishop Mentioning 2 Leaders Bringing All In Humanity Back Home Into The Light And feeling Very Targeted!), And Then Bridged By Rainbow Angel Arc-En-Ciel (meaning Rainbow In French Which Was the Nick-Name We All Gave Her Which Sounds Like Her Family Name!) While We Roller Bladed Kuwait Bringing On The Light Together, Meeting New-Paradigm Initiator Intelligence Via Her Through Facebook And Feeling In My Heart Moment One It Was Something I could Not Escape …

Jumping Fully Into It To And Marrying Under Much Drama And Intense Love (Miss Bishop Was Resonating And Then Stopped Writing When The Energies Weren’t Flowing Right And That Was Due To Me Being Hijacked By Evil Forces Who I Was Able To Locate 6 Years Later And Now Annihilate Almost Fully .. YAY ME) Then Be Hijacked Again By Brazil Rainbow Angels That Sent Me Back To Beirut Rainbow Angels Where I Was Made Sign Papers At Lawyers Once More And Took It Upon Myself To Sign Sheets That Said I Was Mentally Insane Not Wanting To Blame My Partner David For Loving Me Madly (I Take It All Upon Myself Always), Made Go To Therapy Where The Essay Topic Was: “Choose Here Or There”.

That’s When I was Guided To Stay 6 Months To Raise Up The Field’s Vibrations Instead Of 10 Days, Pushing For New-Paradigm Mainly With Food And Yoga As Well As Mentioning A Few Techniques And Through Art, In Homes Organic As Well As Going Into The Organic Store Industry And Re-Shelving, Re-Organizing And Training Beings..

6 Months Later, I was Lucky Enough To Still Have Currency In My Account To Fly Back To My Then Partner And Co-Creator David When The Green Card Renewal Time Came About. Out To Party For The First Time In Forever Before My Departure, And Hungary Rainbow Angel Shows Up And Strikes In All his Majesty… I am Given The Go By My Therapist To Go Ahead And Let me Be Loved By Him Which I Allowed On The Night Of My Flight Back To The United States In A Long 6 Hour Quite Heated Encounter At His Hotel Room Down-Town As He AS Well Was Shifting Into Syria To Resolve The Crisis There. He Was Big And Arial Race, Very Powerful and Turned Me Up In The Air And Bounced Me Between His Legs Catching Me Like A Feather And Was Bewildered By The Fact That I wasn’t Orgasmic ..

He Left Me Saying I Should Never Give Up On True Love And That I Was Gonna Go Far …

Back At The Airport All Shivers As The Cops (AAM Angels!) Assist Me Checking My Luggage In, Seeing Me All In Shivers Unable To Fathom Riding A 21 Hour Plane Ride To My Husband I Hadn’t Seen In 6 Months After That Event … Having Allowed A Man to Break Through My David Shield, Notably After The Fact I Had Responded To My Therapist After She Asked How I Would Respond If She Told Me There Is A World Without David And i Said I Would Die.

David And I Had Done The New-Paradigm Work On Siesta-Key. Upon Moving To Hilton Head I First Was Guided into Making Lots Of Cash Waitressing, Then After The Divorce Was Ignited And i Again Left The United States For 10 Months That Time, I Got Invited Back In with Yogi-Rainbow-Angel-K Who Guided Me To Get Vinyasa Yoga Certified As Well As Introducing Me To The Bikram Yoga World. Years Of Delving Into The ‘Merda Collectiva’ As WE Called It On God-Head Siesta-Key, And Learning Very Many Lessons Including Hotel Living And Alien Watching On The Shores As Well As Spiritual Surgeries And A Whole Nother Octave Of Awareness Awakening The Third Eye And Upgrading The DNA Had Me Meet Archangel Michael; Same Astro As Dave.

For Whom I Moved To Mount Shasta; And With Whom I Partnered Up For New-Creation. Same Story As The First Michael, The Matriarchal Figure Somehow Intervened Non-Stop And I Was Lead To Go, Leaving Me This Time Beyond Heart Broken As I Was Advanced Enough To Have bypassed Cultural Conditioning And Tapped Into Twin Flame Energetic Since My Divine Union Based Marriage, Amplified By My Own Spiritual Seeking For Years Then The Find Was There One Day In December 2016, While I Danced For Michael, And Heard Clear As Dawn My Higher-Self’s Astounding Feminine Voice Tell Me My Name In Heaven Which Is Aurora.

Least The Second Time Around I Was Left With More Of Me. I Was Left With My Totality And Asked To ‘Love Myself’. The Fascinating Part That I Also Was Guided To Share Was A Dream I Had While In Bed With Archangel Michael Whereby He Jumped Off A Cliff In Beirut (Yes, He Appeared In My Dreams More Than Once On Mission In Beirut, Even Once Was On A Computer In My Deceased Grandmother’s Bedroom!!) Three Times: Each Time He Jumped Off He Would Morph Forms. And He Morphed 3 Times. The Last Time He Jumped Off The Cliff, My Rainbow-Angel Who Accompanied Me To Brazil Marc, Tossed My Hair Brush After His Jump To Assist Him Back Up.

After I Left Michael In Explosive Tear Crisis On The Floor Begging For Mercy, I Did Not Have To Pierce My Belly. My Vow Was Silent. And On Point. I Was Determined To Claim My Power Back Regardless. I Did Not Have To Watch The Devil’s Advocate To Get An Awakening. I Actually Received A Love Declaration By R (as Well .. WOW) PierceON ((Whom Archangel Michael Had Mentioned He Had A Dream About In Which R Was The Devil .. )) … Followed By Several Other Declarations Which Totally Justified The Morphic dream Of AAM I Had….

Total fascination In The House As Things Come Full Circle And Are Understood And The Conscious And Unconscious Are Bridged.

All This Is Still Surface Analysis Compared To The Depth Of The Whole Planetary Situation I Have Been Assessing And Accessing For A while Now …

Soon The Whole Truth Should Be Out And The Importance Of Maintaining High Levels Of Joy Are Majorly Emphasized Now For The Highest Benefit Of All In Creation As The End Is Ending Leaving ZERO POINT ACCESS To All Big-Bang Re-Production, All At Once, For All .

Thanks Everyone For Staying In High Levels Of Joy And Spreading Love As The New-Story Unfolds!

Another Reveal Was Made Available Today As I Was hitting The Hurricane Mariah Waves Hard In That Insanely Enchanting Ocean (uhhh) And My Heart Became www.lovedima.com Galactic Central. I Was Shown Waves Go Out Into Creation From My Heart! Fascinating !

The Way I Am Feeling About The Trinity Situation Is Very Strongly. The Love That I Feel Is So Intense It Is Almost Crippling. The Good Part Is That I Am Advancing Way Faster Than I Did When Back On The Island From The Arms OF Shastic Archangel Michael …. Into The Arms Of Archangel Uriel Who Was The One who Provided The Guidance To Depart …Uriel Being Stuck In A Trinity Scenario Under The Eternal Watchful I EYE > The Voice > The Intelligence > The Galactic Movie Producer > And Ever So Much Faster Than The First Round Michael Where It Took Two Years to Get An R With Another Trinity Situation Then Broken By The D ! Advancement Is Fascinating! What Took 2 Years The First Time Around, Took 3 Months The Second Time Around. WOW!

The Download That came Through Today (That’s Putting Aside Very Many Visions Throughout The Years That I Have Mainly Kept For Myself Or Shared Seldom With Close Tribe Members … ) Was About How Under The Being Referred To As GOD, Several What Are Known As “Religions” Were Created, Creating “Belief-Systems”. That Ignited Too Many Bloody Wars And Separations … Under The Name “Atheist” And The Many Non-Godly ‘Religions” Also Came Conflict.

Fascinatingly Enough, The Only Being Everyone Can Relate To Actually Is That Who They Call ‘The Devil” …. Everyone Fears And Hates Him Mostly … But That Is The World Of Duality Which Is Total Illusion So .. What If … Devil Is the New God …. What If Loving One’s Shadow Self Brings Total Planetary Liberation .. What If Your New Leader Is That Who You Think Of In Your Minds As The Devil But Once Your Hearts Fully Open You Will Feel Him As His Truth: Archangel Uriel, The Morning Star, Lucifer, Father Of All Creation …

Wouldn’t That Be Absolutely Mesmerizing Since We Are So In Need Right Now More Than Ever Of Unity Consciousness, Love Everywhere Present And Balanced Harmonics. As Said In The Holy Bible, ‘The Last Will Be First In The Kingdom Of God” .. Well Well ….. Devil Devil…. What Is Behind Door Number… What Is The Secret Of The Holy Grail .. What Do The People Behind The Scenes And Behind All This Know That You Are All About To Witness ?! 😉

Not All Parts Of The Bible Are Valid .. Archangel Uriel Is God’s Fire. Same Being As The Morning Star And Lucifer. In Truth He Is Father Of New Creation. The Vessel Of God. He Is God. So Are We All.

Upon My Finding My Peace, I Contacted My Church First Thing.. Got Rejected.

No Big Deal As I Am God’s Church. I Am The Light, The Holy-Spirit And I Am Grateful For Having Met And Realized My Match.

I Had A Belly Button Complex Since Birth, Couldn’t Be Touched In My Belly Button. Today I Noticed I Can finally Find Balance In Yoga Looking Into My Belly Button And That Came After Lucifer Said My Tummy Was The Crib For Baby Luci .

I Am Now Finally Able To, After Very Many Years Of Eternal Recurrence since the Beginning Of Time, To Feel Like I Love And Accept Myself For My Totality And True Destiny, And Feel Proud Of Myself For Accomplishing My Mission To Love This Lifetime. I Am Very Happy For The Upcoming Finalization And Unfolding Of The Divine Plan And Am Ready And Willing To Take On My Beloved Eternally In My Arms And Heart And Provide & Nurture Him And All The Children of The Light.

I Love Every Atom And I Thank All The Hearts In Creation For Always Choosing Love.

I Love You All With All That I Am.

Archea Rainbow Aurora.

Oct3, 2017 .

Come What May . Right Action, Divine Will, Joy In The Highest And Freedom For Everything That Breathes. No One Is To Be Left Out Of New Creation As Absolution was Brought In Today.

My Dazzling Eternal Diamond Heart Birth Parents Dedicated This Track To Me For My Wedding Night .. Wonderful That It Mentions Lucifer ….