RainbowAurora ~ onLoveDima.com

Greetings Beloved Creation!

Getting Ready For YogaLates Which Is A Mixology Island Special From Master Yogi And Long Time Co-Creator Associate Rainbow Tribe Angel Kait ! Greeting All In Creation In Style Nice Sunrise Colors And FAntastic Energies.

Fellow Session Gals Who Were Just Disciplined And Let Go Of After Too Much Free Giving Of Time And Energy While Their Slow Process Is No Longer Acceptable, Where It’s All At For The Time Being. She Mentioned Once Before Getting Unfriended That My Dress Code And Style That Is Forever 21 Based Pretty Much Should So Be More Madame Like And That I Look 17. LOL ~ Well, Childlike Wonder And Essence, As Well As Heart Based Living And Loving And Eating And Innocence Including Riding My Bicycle Solely As Well As Rollerblades Forever Now, Living Simple On An Ocean, Makes One Pretty Basic . It Is Part Of My Mission Of Re-Creating The frequency That Allows Garden Of Eden To Be Reignited Minus Adam Eating The Apple! So To All Haters, And Anyone Who Has Anything To Say About The Name Of This Channel lovedima.com .. All There Is For You Is Incredible Amounts Of Love! We Are Galactic Central, Like It Or Not.

Coming Out To The World As The Most Abused Woman Was Not A Piece Of CAke. But I Did It And Took My Courage In My Two Hands And Am Open And All Out. For the Benefit Of All Beings And Out Of Total Selflessness And Mission.

Please Don’t Feel Entitled To Give Anyone Outside Yourself ‘Advice’ . That Is Pure Energy Taking And Vampirism. Know Who You Are In The Room! Whose Zoomin Whom? Aren’t You The One Calling For Energy Taking And Not Reciprocating Financially For A Year Now ? Your Twin Went Back To Being King Elsewhere And You Wonder Why? Wonder No Further And The funniest Is They Don’t HEAR The Truth. It Flies Right Over Their Heads. And One Maintains That Frequency Long As It Exists So Here’s A Ho’oponopono Your Way !!!

YES . LOVEDIMA.COM > Indeed . She Has NEver Been Loved . And She Is The Poster-Child For Every Possible Issue A Feminine Could Go Though. She Took It All On. Consciously. Empath-ically. Contract-ically. Fully. Wholly. Truly. Madly. Deeply. At Birth. And Beyond. Daily .  Jealous Much ? PAY ME .

Anyone Questioning My Divine Authority And Belittling My Work And/Or Feeling Entitled or Thinking In Their Minds they Can One Up Their Healer And Go To Person Without Ever Making A Contribution Because They Think In Their Minds They Are Your Best Friend Since The First Session Cos They Have A Crush On You Is Not My Prerogative Loves! Ingrates Are Not Welcome In New Creation!

Great News Is: TODAY Is The DAY We Finally Put A Final Stop To All Forms Of Abuse.

Anyone Not Appreciative Of Lovedima.com Including The Ones Who Use It To Spy On Me Are Exterminated And Not Welcome In New Creation. Everyone Trying To Use My Energy To Heal Family Dynamics Or Look Cool Without Equal Energy Exchange (Including The Games Of Thone Ppl) Or Anyone Make Believe We Are Dating When We Are Not Is Not Really Gonna Be Welcome In New Creation.

Only Genuine Heart Is Welcome. I See Through All Your Fakeness. You ARe Not Me! Remember That. And When You Try To One Up Me By Projecting Your Stuff On Me, It’s Not Working.  I Still Take Your Calls For A While But Then My Inner Divine Masculine Takes The Cake And Says. Pay Her And Rise Or Bug The Fuck Off and Go Elsewhere. The NErve !

No. I Ain’t Interested In Fucking Any Of You. That’s Not The NAture OF The Interaction. I Am Your Mother Of New Creation Bitches And You Better Get To Terms With Wassup!

Fuck Your Ego Motherfucker . Not Even Down My Toilet. Stay In Refugee Camp Until You All Make the Grade.