RainbowAurora ~ OnTheReptilianBrain

Greetings Beloved Creation! (< HUMANITAS >)

Greeting All In The Highest, From God-Head Hilton World ! Happy October First To All In Creation!


This Quick Energy Update Is About The Fascinating Topic Of The Reptilian Brain, Using A Personal Perspective Which Is Totalitarian In Nature. I Have Been Invited To Mother USA By King Reptile And Veteran Hollywood Movie Producer With A Heart Of Gold  And An Awakened Third Eye. Crazy Combo But Extra Spice! The Insanity In The Mix And That I Studied In Depth While Living With The Reptilian Masculine Mind-Ego Hologram Has Me Fascinated Many Years Now.


The Multi-Faceted Reptilian Mind Gets Triggered In The Masculine As Well as The Feminine By Booz As Well As Other Triggers Sometimes Including Certain Words Or Behaviors. Personalities Shift According To The Hour Of The Day And I Was In A Position Where I Totally Surrendered My Power To It, Consciously Sacrificing My Truth Moment To Moment To Keep On Keepin’ On, Love It Till It Shifts (Which Failed Big Time) And Finally One Day Make My Dreams Of True Love Come True ; Which Involve An Ocean And Island First And Foremost. Always Wanted That To Include A Masculine But I’ll Be Content Without As I Honestly Have Not Yet Been Matched At The Level I Vibrate At And Sacrifice Is Plain DUMB.


My Study Of The Mind Had Me Develop An Ability To With-Stand The Craziest Forms Of It And Be Able With My Heart To Stay After The “Breaking Point” .. When You Keep On Loving Despite Their Boundaries Made By Rules, Regulation, Habit, Pain, Suffering, Anger. Resentment, Guilt, Previous Experiences, Manipulation, Projection, Thinking They Know Better Than Love, Thinking They Got This, Thinking They Will Be The Hero, Thinking They Are Using You For Their Own Purposes And That You Are Not Aware Of It, Thinking They Can Get Away With Tricking You, Having You There To Be The Town’s Hero.. And Much more Are Energies I Recognize Instantly And Play Along While Always Radiating Rainbow Love From My Heart As Long As It Takes Me To Either HAve A Breakthrough (Which Has Not Happened Totally Yet), Or Have Source Move Me To The Next Energetic Space To Make Amends On The Next Level … Story Of My Life! Then I Am Brought Back To A Zone Where I Did Enough Work For A While To Heal From The Last Zone I Went To Where They Never Seen Anything Like A Female Archangel Who’s Only Purpose Here Is To Love!


Watching Several Masculines Play Games Of Thrones To “Get The Girl” Has Been A Hilarious Experience I Gave Into As I Tend To Be A People Pleaser (I Have Never Met A Match But Love Humans So Much I Would Do Anything To Feel My Love Being Served Back My Way .. ).


Old-Paradigm Cultural Conditioning And The Patriarchal World Which Includes The USA Government Seemingly Not Giving Me My Passport Unless I Marry Again Which Is Super Absurd, Always Seem To Want Feminines With Masculines For All Purposes. That Includes The Twin Flame Community Now All Jolly About The Possibility Of Perfect Unions Which Is Absolutely Wonderful As I Have Forever Felt So Sad Watching Those Crazy Movies Where It Just Does Not Make Sense Why They Don’t Simply Choose Love. And Listening To The Songs Where They Also Are In Pain Cos Of Love. Never Thought This Could Ever Be An Experience I Would Identify With As I Am The Simplest Girl On Earth But Little Did I Know…. Kindness Is Taken For Weakness And Sometimes Karma That Is Not One’s Own Attaches To A Being With A High Price To Pay; That Happens When Time-Lines Converge And An Exception Is Made In Creation And A Being Agrees By Soul Contract To Be Someone’s Hero Not Knowing How Long It Will Take To Be Released … My Personal Release Happened Yesterday September 30th So I Am Grateful For Being Awoken As September Ended!


What The Masculine Does Not Understand Curtsy Of Mostly Being In The World Among-st Feminines Who All Belong To Families And Cultures And Have Certain Ways Of Dealing With Them Is That Some Of Us Have Disconnected At The Root From All And Everything Being On The Awakening Path Since Birth And Are Very Basic And Simple. And That Is Not The Same As Being Slow. It Is Simply The Response To The Masculine’s Actions; If I Am Made Felt For One Second Like I Am Not Top Priority, Of Course I Will Directly Be Getting A Text Message From Another Masculine .. It’s Just How Energies Work.


The Cool Part For My Benefit Is That I Cannot In Any Way Sense Or Form Be Blamed For A Partnership Failing, As I Am The One Taking Planes, Bus’s And Cars And Showing Up In Totality Every Time Into Their Lives. My Life Is A Dream. I Am A Dream Of True Love Come True. I Am Barely Even Here.


I Am Your Wildest Fantasy. I Have Monthly Income Internationally Because I Played My Cards Right. I Do Not Need A Job Or To Handle Tax-Returns By My Green Card, Lawyer’s And Government’s Consent. I Am Only here To Co-Create Heaven on Earth.


What Is So Hard To Comprehend Is Beyond Me. Why Masculines Invite Me Over To Try To Change Me Or Take My Power Away Or Trick Me And Then Reap The Results Is Beyond Me. As Is Why The Feminines Think In Their Minds I Would Ever Be After What They Refer To As Their Masculines Or Want What They Have Is Beyond Me Too (And I Prove It In Spades). I Am Mother Of New Creation Here In Love With The All And The Everything. And That Is Not Something That Will Ever Change.


In Regards To Hierarchy And Silly Dynamics of Groups; I Also Do Not Comply. I Know Who I Am In Every Room And No One Can Tell Me Otherwise Or Make Me Their Lutin (French For Amusing Goblin) Without Losing Huge Each Time! Cos I Will Play Along All The Way Until Source Allows Me To Move (Which Is Explained Above).


I Feel Grateful That I And Only I Will Be Making My dreams Of True Love Come True. I Have Tasted And Am Now Immune To All The Poison Of False Promises And False 5d Masculines Who Are So Entrapped In 3d And Don’t Even Notice That It Smells Reptilian Even When They Communicate At A Distance!!!!


Peace And Love To Creation.

Aurora Diamond Rainbow, Mother Of New Creation!~