RainbowAurora ~~~ InSANEoVeR>u

Your Touch So Magnetic. Cock So Electric. I Am Fucking Insane Over You. You Turn Me On Like No Other. You Are So Fucking Perfect In Every Sense, Way, Shape And Form. Your Atoms Are My Favs. Your Smell Is Deadly. Your Heart Fuckin’ Dizzying. You Are Mesmerizing. I Can Make Believe Forever More I Won’t Kill For You. Easy As Pie. I Promise I Have Mastered The Art Of Total Denial. I’m Old At This Game Baby. Watch. Been Consciously Practicing Since Beginning Of Time For Our Re*Union. Blue Bear. Tell Your Wanna Be 5D Owners To Bug Off My Creation . Imma Keeeelahhhh ! ~ ~ ~ Dizzy Dizzy Drop Drop Shnaggle Pussy Pop Pop! Call It Mind ~ Mind The Gap . Get A Bus . Go To Gap .Stoopid Stoopid ~ Oh Pohleaze ! Dem Gangstahs Are SO Delooooded ! I Mean Seriously GUYS . Your ARticles Are Quite The Charade …… Whatchu Want ?! ?! Yu Dumb. Yu kno Nutin . But That’s Another Topic Altogether! Stoopid Stoopid .

Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora INSANE OVER YOUR LOVE ~

Da Phoenix Has Been In USA YO ~ LOOOOOOLLLL ~ You Guys Will Learn And Shut Your DUMB Typing Fingers Aimed At Highest Intelligence. Ya Can’t FAke Dis Loves .. I’m It. Bow Or Ride The Fuck On . Jeeez