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9:11 ~ Coffee Cheers / Experiencing Card, Osho Deck !

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The Re-Analysis And Re-Feeling Of The Masculine Psyche In All It’s Fullness After Having Taken A Long 8 Months Break From Masculine Forces In The Absolute Sense Of The Word While Purging A Devastated State Of Being That Is Finally Understood, Got Mother Of New Creation Re-Visiting All The Chambers Where She Has Had To Deal With All The Masculine Aspects, And Download All The Mind Constructs That Have A Man Behave As Such And Deal As Such In Order To Be Able To Respond To It In A Way That Would Still Make Her Win In The Parts Of The World Where Man Is In Super Power.

Several Lives Within One Matrix Hologram Under One Birth Name Have Had Aurora Be The Highest Payed Feminine Right Out Of College Scoring An Incredible Position In An Even More Incredible Corporation. It Kept On Getting Better After Having Learned All The Tricks Since Birth On How To Handle Those Masculines To Get Where One Needs To Be. Once The Monetary/ Independence/ Power-Woman/ Fancy Traveler Aspects Of The New-Age Divine Feminine Were Reached, Aurora Realized That Money Ain’t Gonna Be What Takes The Cake ….

Shifting To Beast Mode Had Aurora Go Straight On And Face The Beast. Fascination Once The Other Pole Of The World Was Beginning To Be Conquered, Had Her Observe Very Quick How Masculines Shift To Reptilian Mode In No Time. She Even Learned The Main Triggers And Behaviors And Words That Would Get A Masculine Brain To Shift To Lethality Catch 22 Mode Whereby He Shifts Into A Very Dumb Monster. ((Lovers CArd)) Very Quick Would A Man That Aurora Worshiped Shift. The Patterns Of The Shift Were Mastered And Responded To Accordingly. At That Point It Became A Duty. Towards Herself And All Feminines On Earth To Annihilate That Reptilian Force That Would Take Over. She Started To No Longer Care About Anything But Getting Down To The Initial Cause OF The Gap And Healing It. She Went Over-Board And …. Years Later…. Still Has Failed At Mission Perfect Merge And Union With A Masculine Counter-Part.

What The Issue Is ? Balanced Harmon-ix. Honesty. Readiness.

Aurora Has Declared Herself Orphan At Birth. Calling Her Birth Parents By Their First Name And Walking Around Like She Owns The Place Running Wild And Free, Drinking Wild River Water And Eating Plants. Blossoming Sexuality Since Early On In Every Setting Which Got Her In Lots Of Trouble At School ~ Running Away Was Something She Taught Herself Early On And That Includes Tactics And Strategies Studying The Psyche And Mind Of The Teachers and Principals And Students In Order To Be Able To Say What They Need TO Hear For Her To Get Where She Need TO Be. OUT OF THE SYSTEM.

It Worked Wonders And Is What Still Allows Aurora To Survive The Attacks Of The Many Monsters Who Are Attempting To Tame Her Fire. This Time though. She Ain’t Going Anywhere. Like She Never Really Has. It’s Usually Them Who Raise The Flag And Release Her. What Masculines Need To Comprehend Is That Aurora Is The Terminator.

Her Advanced Spiritual Practices Can Have Her Survive Any Kind Of Attack On Any Level And She Is Adept At Dealing With All Sorts Of Demons. It’s Not Until They Are All Slaughtered By Her Personal Sword That She Be At Peace.

It’s Been Beyond Incredible And Fun To Walk Around This Planet And Meet All Sorts Of Orders Of Angels, Archangels, Syrians, Pleidians, Arcturians.. And Play!

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