RainbowAurora ~ SOINLOVE>Eternal


What’s Yours? ((Lovers Card))


My Dream Come True , I Have Been Agonizing HAHA Over Since 2009 And Have Had To Progressively Relearn How Insane Pandora’s Box Human Psyche Really IS ~ Nothing I Wish More In This World Than My Heart Back On. I Am Dead. And I Have Died. And I Have Been Dead. The Rest Is Making Believe One More Day Until IT All Comes To Pass And The Vultures Fuck Off And The Idiots Shut Up.


All Of Us Coming Back Together As One Unified Field Consciousness IS NOTHING THAT CAN BE STOPPED ! IS New Paradigm the Only Thing Left YET? Everyone Done Gossiping YET ? Everyone Done Pointing Fingers YET? Everyone Done Judging YET? Everyone Done YET? EGOs DONE YET??????????????


The Whole Masculine Case In USA And Global Has Been A Total Sham Not So Sure How All Feminines Do It It’s Beyond Me For Sure. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ~ Tip My Hat And Bow Dear Ones. Falling Or Rising In Love, That Is A Separate Topic. I Choose Me Every Single Time. Ya Can’t See Or Choose Me Back?….. We Can All Wait Global HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA . No Big Deal. I Am Here To Reflect Y’all In Spades . Dis Can’t Be Reversed On Me No Matter How HArd You Try > LOL


More Terrorist Attacks. Bombs? We Can All Watch While …………… You All Still Point The Finger My Way LOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL ~~~~~~~~~~

They Told Me Day One This Is A Dumb Place. I Refused To Believe And Still Do. Now It’s About Time I Finally Make Peace With How Long It Took Me To Stop Giving My Power Away And Putting Ignorance Before Love. Hummm.. Am I Totally Done Putting Me Last ? Umm .. Not Quite . When Does It Stop? It Can’t . Any Other Way Won’t Work. You Gots To Make Humans Feel So Important And Superior, It’s The Only Way They Grow. Not Many Will Wear So Many Conscious Masks To Reverse Energies.

As I Mentioned To Father OF All Creation Day One : There Ain’t NOTHIN I Won’t DO . And Nothing Can Stop Me ^

Any More Obstacles Wanna Send My Way? More Than Welcome I Blow You Up Like Gangbusters.