RainbowAurora ~ ITS NOW OR NEVER





VIVA ~ Since 2002 > Working On This Infinite Now . Hasn’t Worked YET No Matter How Much I Put Into The Mix ~ At This Point I Am Officially KAPUT / DONE .

I Have Given My Heart And Soul And My All To The All . Provided This Is Not Reciprocated, TADA And Cianara ///// Calling And Vocation . Out Of Balance .

Jupiter In Libra For A few More Weeks . OX Not Giving Up . Presence. Clearing Of Karma. Accepting What Is. Standing Strong . Plowing Through. Elimination . Writing Things Off . No More Taking On Pain And Rejection . Just Riding High . No Longer Giving A Fuck About Anything Else But Mission . We ARe Love And Beauty Incarnate. Equinox 22 Powerful Day Manifestation . Any Crazy Moves By Then … ? >

Sunny Outside. Persistence . Different Avenues . Not Beating A Dead Horse. Trouble In Paradise For A While Now ? 🙂


Harmony And Building A Legacy .. Let’s Manifest Physically ~ Balancing Out Disharmony And Blockage . Queen Of Wands // Taking Action Pronto . What’s Next? We’re Too Far Advanced To Keep Things Hushed And Brush Off Details. Love Is In The Details .

Dassit. Passion And Fire // Revival / Press The Pedal ~ Make That Choice / Will You Be Making It Work Or Are You Walking Out This Door ~

12:21 ~ Harmonizing And Taking Other’s Feelings Into Consideration . > > > > Carrying The Whole Weight On One’s Shoulders To Make Things Right 🙂 Grateful That Things Are On Me ~  Staying Strong Despite All Odds .

Zero External Support HAHA Anything New ? And Why Go Through It Again ?

Sham Family of Light LOL I Ain’t Kissin’ Anyone’s Ass > Ingrates BEGONE .

What Will It Be Miss Aurora ?