RainbowAurora ~ Ascending FASTERER // Zero Apetito!


Maybe They Still Eat Around .. WOW ! Switch To Ghost And You Won’t Have Any Carnal, Physical Or Emotional Need No More. Call it Denial ? Not Really . It’s Honest Not Able TO Feel Hunger. Or Anything Much Anymore. Love Everything That Breathes Forev ~

You Want To Call me A Liar For Being Myself And Honoring Where I Am At And My Mission To Love? It’s Already Gone Back To Bite You! Called You Up After ALL In Creation Warned Me NOT TO For All Hearts Said All You Want From Me Is My Money (That I Happily Manifested For Mission After The Former Phone Call) > You Still Don’t Recognize Love, A Blessing Or A Miracle When It’s Waving At You On A Golden Platter. Now I Know Better Than Believing You Ever Were Love. Power-With Is The Only Way through; That’s Not The Same As Power-Over . Ain’t Gonna Work Your Way. Show Me Otherwise, I’ll Be Happy To Send Champagne Love.

Know I Am The Shift And Won’t Be Leaving Anytime Soon ~ You Send Your Former Lovers My Way Ask Me Out Loud When I am Going To Admit Defeat? Rigged Game . You Guys Can Play Forever More the Lovehaswon Game Versus Other 5D Channels. we At www.lovedima.com Have Swiped It All Out With One Heart Beat At The Beginning Of Time. And No I don’t Admit Defeat. And No I Don’t Lie. Darling.

I Do Laugh Inside. And I Feed. It’s The highest LOL

Alright Gangsters. Have A Merry Day And Enjoy Finding Your Way.