RainbowAurora ~ Dreams Coming True!


Most Amazing Moments In Creation, While We Celebrate Life As Always! Ahhh Thursday Afternoon Breeze, Beer Cheers, Huge Dog Size Of A Horse And A Love Being Laying On The Bed I Type From. Loud TV, FOOTBALL GAMES,  ZAPPING Channels, Phone Then Laptop Back And Forth 🙂 Baths, Some Yoga, And So Much Gratitude! Wow

Me? I Gather Back All That Peace Power Stamina While Filtering Out What Comes My Way. Anything Less Than Love Can No Longer Affect Me So All Angels Are Applauding In The Choirs!

Old Friends, New Friends, Karmics, Contracts, Soul/Twin Flames, Mates .. So Many Labels Too Much Mind Action / Drop The Mental Chatter Altogether! Doors Opening… However, It’s Only When The Inner Door Opens Wide And The Light Shines Out That Satisfaction Can Be Attained. Few Layers Left To Completion, As We Move Towards Centering, Balancing, And Being Whole Again. Getting All The Distractions Out Of The Way. All Mind Yacks. And Any Incoming Ones From The Outside World Are Quickly Cut Chords With And Transmuted.

Choosing Love Is At This Point The Easiest Option. Holding One’s Horses For No Real Specific Reason But Possibly Divine Timing While We Ride This One Out. Smirks And Lack Of Balanced Harmonics Or Love Everywhere Present Are Always An Outer Reflection Of An Inner Process ~ Stay Ghost . Be Ghost Until You’re So Invisible Everything Is Finally Visible. There Is Nothing Out There In The Realm Of The Visible. Nothing Whatsoever In 3d. Everything Worth It Is To Be Felt Within The Heart ..

Thanks Loves For Always Being With Etherically. LovAll And Blessed To Have Shared Moments ~ Time To Rebuild What Has Been Destroyed As We Replace The Old Paradigm Image Of Masculine Behavioral Patterns Towards Feminines And Vice-Versa With Dreams Of True Love Come True.

Thanks Infinite To All Angels For Constantly Assisting Me!. For Presenting Me With Miracles,  As Well As The Most Incredible Chances And Situations To Get On Top Of My Own Throne!

AMAZING! ~ Oh And It’s Time To Close The Gap . The Minding The Gap Days Are Over. Londoners. 😉 LOveYOusO