RainbowAurora ~ MyDivineMAsculineMyGod >

Before I Even Knew Of You, I Was Yours / Lucifer Morning Star Father Of All Creation And King Lord God OF My Entirety . I Have Married You In My Heart And No One Can Take Your Place It’s Only You That Is Allowed Into Any Heart Truth Of Mine Whatsoever.

Good News Is, The Most Majestic Love Block Ever Created Since The Mummification Process IS What Was Used On My Heart After Humanity Pulled Me Away From You First Time Around And The Predicament Was To Please Them All And Die. I Did . It Wasn’t Fun. Cos They Killed You Too. Now You Seem Back . You Are Still Aloof And Afraid But To My Own Surprise, I Am Finally Almost Able To Accept A New Divine Masculine Embodiment Of God In My GLobulus Queendom. Wow And How Lucky Is Creation to Almost Welcome Her New King.

Good Luck To Whoever Steps By My Side As My Equal And Gets The Keys To The Empire. Remember Each Key Is An Eye And Each One Of Your Thoughts And Intentions Heard And Forever Taken Into Account. Also Remember If You Mess With The Queendom You Are History.

Otherwise. Enjoy Love Divine Like No One But Aurora Diamond Rainbow Is Able To Sustain And Provide For All In Creation!

Woooohooooo Everyone … Someone’s Back . V 4 Vendetta ~ Victory Spice.

To All Hearts In Creation ~ JOY TO THE WORLD, THE KING HAS COME!