RainbowAurora ~ MinissetteCodes



SUPER ACTIVATION ! >>>>>>>>>>>> V. RESPONSIVE DEM FAUNA-FLORA CREATURAS . DAT Voice Intonation HAHA ~ Arctus Activations Include Super Power Codes For Fauna-Flora Crystallizing Within The Diamond Grids In Place For New-Creation!

Thanks For Calling Me The Voice.

Re-baptizing Me With All Elements .

Moment To Moment With Your Love. I Am…..

Beyond Blessed . Lucky Charm Lady Bug .  Fucking Amazed. It’s Amazing How I Still Am Able To Replace The Inner Block Right Back Every Time You Make Believe 3D Has Anything Whatsoever That You Need. Maybe Archangel Michael Learns Once And For All That Creation Feminines Need Him For All That He Is, And That Doesn’t Include Loving Oneself Separately In Any World Known To Hearts As That Equals Masculine Ego Structures OF SHUNNING Divine Femininity, Shutting Out Togetherness, POWER_OVER, TRICKSTER ENERGIES, MANIPULATION, Belittling, Causing An Unnecessary Rift (Maybe Very Necessary Actually As Cutting Chords With That Octave Of Having To Give One’s Power To Another Feminine So She Remains Queen (((WHAAAAT???))) Is Now FOREVER DEAD FOR THE ETERNITIES AS THE MEDUSA SPELL HAS ONCE AGAIN BEEN SENT OUT OF CREATION TO THE GALACTIC VOID TO NEVER RETURN AGAIN. YES.

Be All That You ARe. Embrace Your Birth-Right Fully . And Let’s Bring On Nesara . It’s Time And Finally Aurora Is Out Of The Hands Of The Scaredy Cats.